Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thoughts in a balcony

Everything seems small from here…

Everyone appears far from here…

Busy people, noisy vehicles, grazing animals –

Away from all – above all – here I am – on a balcony.


I am in the auto – returning from office – back to home

I am at the gate – getting in for the night shift at the call centre

I am flying high above the tall building

I am eating cookies with that soft hand in my hand

But lo! – Behold! – I find myself still here – on the balcony.

It feels good to touch upon other’s stories from here

Though it saddens – to just see and hear – and unable to do anything from up here

Sitting here – and think about the people

Sitting here – fighting such disparate thoughts

Sitting here – I wonder what to do?

Sitting here – I wonder what not to do!

And in the end – finding myself – gloomy in thoughts - and on the balcony.

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