Friday, November 30, 2007

My Website launched

I finally have my own website.

People have been asking me the reason for launching it and I have been giving lot of reasons...some funny... some serious but neglected to tell the real reason. But on much deliberation, I thought I will share the right reason.

Some people do their websites for fun...some people do it for networking...some people do it just for the heck of doing...but for me it was special.

I wanted to mark a milestone in my life - milestone to mark my evolution into a dreamer.

The opening page of the website –is in fact - an attempt to set a preamble of my journey in life so far – and hopefully for future life as well.

I have evolved.

Lot of people have helped me in the journey so far…some have directly contributed by making me realize that I need to change and some people played their part indirectly by making my life miserable and challenged to change. .

I survived all that.

More importantly I learnt from all that. I think I have done a great job in adapting and moving on from every single loss and win.

I have had enough sleepless nights – just thinking.

Thoughts that helped me. Thoughts that nearly killed me. Thoughts that made me feel great one day and miserable the very other night.

And then I noticed something. I don't give up.

I realized simple thoughts are effective but not motivating enough for me. I wanted colors in my thoughts. I wanted my thoughts to help me maintain my smile no matter what. “Dreams” was the answer. There I got my basis of existence.

And thus came the understanding – Anshul Sushil - "A dreamer who will always dare to make his dreams a reality".

A Dreamer called Anshul Sushil

3rd December – 2007

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