Saturday, November 03, 2007

Talk to her (7/10)

I was watching the trailer of "Talk to her" in the DVD in night at about 1 on a Tuesday, but got mesmerized by the colors - the visuals – the signature style of Pedro Almodóvar – that I finished the whole movie and went to sleep at 3:30….

The film has two characters who happen to meet while taking care of their comatose lovers and how the future holds them so strong – I could still feel the love of Benigno for Alicia – even when I had finished the story – and did not mind feeling sad for him after his death – was it not a true love? – Pedro had created Benigno’s character as a slightly nincompoop but he was fully devoted to Alicia – while she was active and also while she was in hospital for 4 years, and took care of her like no one could have – his momentary infatuation with her body (as a result of the theater he visited that night) may have led him to jail and thus death but also brought his ballerina to life – thus living the “Trenches” play – that whenever a soldier dies, a ballerina rises from the body.
Marco and Lydia’ story also left me grappling with the thought that whether they were actually in love or were just wanted to be wanted by each other – Marco trying to forget his long time lass and Lyida trying to cope up with the recent loss of her love.
A beautiful movie – signature of Pedro – must watch by any Spanish movie lover.
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