Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another Big Day!

I have not many big days in life (professionally)...well...not big enough to be put in milestones of my life ...I can still count them....
1. Meeting big chiefs of Kansai Nerolac for closing the positioning and strategic changes in brand.
2. 30th year celebration for HCL - when I saw and interacted with people who actually matter in Indian economy
3. Meeting Shiv Nadar for the first time - and getting mesmerized by his vision
4. Inauguration of HCL Technology Hub - when I will see the giants of country like - Abdul Kalam , P Chidambaram and many CEOs and CXOs.

And here I am sitting alone, on the eve of inauguration of the HCL Technology Hub, feeling thrilled - whispering to myself - still a long way to go - and I here an echo inside which says nothing - just smiles...
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