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My Website launched

I finally have my own website.

People have been asking me the reason for launching it and I have been giving lot of reasons...some funny... some serious but neglected to tell the real reason. But on much deliberation, I thought I will share the right reason.
Some people do their websites for fun...some people do it for networking...some people do it just for the heck of doing...but for me it was special.

I wanted to mark a milestone in my life - milestone to mark my evolution into a dreamer. The opening page of the website –is in fact - an attempt to set a preamble of my journey in life so far – and hopefully for future life as well.
I have evolved. Lot of people have helped me in the journey so far…some have directly contributed by making me realize that I need to change and some people played their part indirectly by making my life miserable and challenged to change. . I survived all that. More importantly I learnt from all that. I think I have done a great job in adapting and moving o…

Currently reading "City of Djinns"

Weekend: Whattafun!

A great weekend comes to end :(

It started with Watching New release - Goal of John Abraham - Not at all recommended for anyone...I dont want to waste my time detailing down the most pathetic movies in recent past

I watched Shoot Them up - again a terrible movie - Mr. Smith who shoots and eats carror like Karamchand of yester years...

The best part was watching Cricket match - well - while sitting in the Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium, New Delhi...I got passes for the match as HCL has a corporate VIP box there...and it was great fun...a great company did add a flavor of its own - Aakriti was shouting and doing Mexican wave with occasional company by me too :))

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Am I there?

I think my communications skills are pretty decent ...well I do get people do what I want :))...any comments from you , dear reader?

Am I there, yet, when I can say that for myself?

PS: And it has nothing to do with my small achievement today in the meeting!!!~wink wink~

Movies this weekend

Currently reading: Illustraions by Richard Bach

Thoughts in a balcony

Everything seems small from here…Everyone appears far from here…Busy people, noisy vehicles, grazing animals – Away from all – above all – here I am – on a balcony.Still…I am in the auto – returning from office – back to homeI am at the gate – getting in for the night shift at the call centreI am flying high above the tall buildingI am eating cookies with that soft hand in my handBut lo! – Behold! – I find myself still here – on the balcony.It feels good to touch upon other’s stories from hereThough it saddens – to just see and hear – and unable to do anything from up hereSitting here – and think about the peopleSitting here – fighting such disparate thoughtsSitting here – I wonder what to do?Sitting here – I wonder what not to do!
And in the end – finding myself – gloomy in thoughts - and on the balcony.

People around me these days...

Well, there is a common thing about people around me these days...

There is a person who is in love and wants to run away from it at the same time there is someone who is in love and wants to run towards it.

There is a person who is utterly serious with love and then there is someone who flirts with love

There is someone who is choked down with lot of love (of so many people) and then then there is someone who desperately wants to be loved

There is someone who does not think love exists and then there is someone who is out in search of true love.

There is someone who does not want to fall in love becuase of a previous love and then there is someone who wants to fall in love to forget the past love

There is someone who is in love and does not want to accept it at the same time there is someone who expresses the love so much that nobody wants to believe in it

And then there is me...who discusses all the above permutations and combinations...and that too with lot of interest and love :)

Talk to her (7/10)

I was watching the trailer of "Talk to her" in the DVD in night at about 1 on a Tuesday, but got mesmerized by the colors - the visuals – the signature style of Pedro Almodóvar – that I finished the whole movie and went to sleep at 3:30….

The film has two characters who happen to meet while taking care of their comatose lovers and how the future holds them so strong – I could still feel the love of Benigno for Alicia – even when I had finished the story – and did not mind feeling sad for him after his death – was it not a true love? – Pedro had created Benigno’s character as a slightly nincompoop but he was fully devoted to Alicia – while she was active and also while she was in hospital for 4 years, and took care of her like no one could have – his momentary infatuation with her body (as a result of the theater he visited that night) may have led him to jail and thus death but also brought his ballerina to life – thus living the “Trenches” play – that whenever a soldier die…

Another Big Day!

I have not many big days in life (professionally)...well...not big enough to be put in milestones of my life ...I can still count them....
1. Meeting big chiefs of Kansai Nerolac for closing the positioning and strategic changes in brand.
2. 30th year celebration for HCL - when I saw and interacted with people who actually matter in Indian economy
3. Meeting Shiv Nadar for the first time - and getting mesmerized by his vision
4. Inauguration of HCL Technology Hub - when I will see the giants of country like - Abdul Kalam , P Chidambaram and many CEOs and CXOs.

And here I am sitting alone, on the eve of inauguration of the HCL Technology Hub, feeling thrilled - whispering to myself - still a long way to go - and I here an echo inside which says nothing - just smiles...