Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lolita: Vladimir Nabokov

Finished this book on 17th September, 2007 right in the morning 3:00 AM...which brings me to office on a Monday morning drowsy and full of sleep...but I am thrilled...I can feel the obsession, the frustration of Humbert Humbert of losing his true love again...well most of the people have interpreted this art of literature as an erotic sell their movies, plays, editions...etc but no it is not an erotic piece of literature in the foreword, there is not even a single sentence which pores out of any word or dialogue which can make it a pornographic read.

In one line, it is a story of a boy called Humbert who loses his love Annabel at the age of around 12-13 and such powerful was his obsession for that girl that the boy remained in love with her, even after she was dead. He started seeing her in other similarly aged young girls (which can be termed as inappropriate, immoral etc) and when he sees a girl in his new rented place, girl to whom he gets easily access to ...becomes his Annabel...

He loses his Annabel again in the last and that is what made this novel a bittersweet ending. Happy becuase an immoral guy like Humbert suffers...and sad because a lover loses his love again...never to find again..infact my favorite piece in the whole book was the paragraph in which he begs Lolita to come back to him...frustrated, dying and yet wanting to live life with his lover...

Anyone who wants to read an unconventional and powerful book it is a must read! I loved the way VN has created each and every scene , created the tempo and left the reader there, challenging the reader to read on.
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