Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Past few days....

Blogging was not a top priority for last few weekends but I thought before I forget most of the happenings, I should write whatever I can ....

1. Dinner at MAJ's place on 28 July

Today after about 16 days, I can still remember the corn curry, paneer ki sabzi, chawal, rotiyan ,etc. It was delicious and yes everything in MAJ's place was exactly like I had imagined to have been - meticulous and detailed - and then Parth treated us with the best sweets possible - his songs and his guitar.

It was a great experience - when do we do it again MAJ???

2. Weekend of 4-5 August

Megha, Rajit, Abhishek, Aakriti and myself went to the lake (which was actually a pond and not lake and even pond is treating that place with respect ;))...and had a picnic...and from there we went to IHC to catch any play and luckily got a play happening - it was mediocre but company was great so enjoyed.
Pics: Fish pond at IHC and scene from the play
Aakriti and Megha were too thrilled of watching such colorful fishes so closely and Rajit was contemplating about what it would be to eat them :)

3. Weekend 12-13 August

I would remember it as movie weekend...
Watched following movies:
1. Casanova - I wasted my time watching it - but it was great to know that a guy who is notoriously known for his charm with women was also a brilliant and sensibly genuine guy

2. XMEN3 - the last standing - quite good but not the best of the X Men series.

3. A walk to remember: Quite nice movie, especially the scenes of North Carolia were quite refreshing.

4. HP 1 and HP 2:
Out of curiosity (as a major force of my life has special interest in the series), I decided to watch it and loved the intricacies of magic and tragic depicted in the story...read a lot on wikipedia as well
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