Wednesday, August 15, 2007

India at 60: Look at some websites

Everybody is screaming and yelling about India's 61st Independence day celebrations, I thought of adding to it in my own way. I thought I would look at top India portals whoi have cared to brand their website on this occasion.

I was quite shocked to see a vertical manhattan at Sify - trying to get business but nothing in terms of branding and they are supposed to be one of top 10 networks.
Nice big logo at Orkut's India interface

Monster - one of the top 3 search portals and nothing on branding front.

Lot of hype on their news channel - CNBC TV 18 but nothing on
Was not expected either and also found nothing on India's biggest rail ticket transaction site IRCTC
Titsy witsy bit of branding on Rediff
Classy one on Indiatimes but again very minor
Awsome logo of Google
Nice one by Yahoo also

AOL - nice one
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