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Book: Tuesdays with Morrie

Read it again because a close friend of mine recommended it.
Will write about it in detail

Movie: After the Sunset

I wonder why Pierce worked in this movie.....I did not even finish the movie...

Movie: Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko...A psychopathic emotional sci-fi movie...if you watched Vanila sky and this would rate this higher in terms of appealing to you...

Also read following once you are done watching the movie, it will help clear some fundamentals of time space and predestination paradoxExtensive analysis of the film byLawrence Person

India at 60: Look at some websites

Everybody is screaming and yelling about India's 61st Independence day celebrations, I thought of adding to it in my own way. I thought I would look at top India portals whoi have cared to brand their website on this occasion.

I was quite shocked to see a vertical manhattan at Sify - trying to get business but nothing in terms of branding and they are supposed to be one of top 10 networks.
Nice big logo at Orkut's India interface

Monster - one of the top 3 search portals and nothing on branding front.

Lot of hype on their news channel - CNBC TV 18 but nothing on
Was not expected either and also found nothing on India's biggest rail ticket transaction site IRCTC
Titsy witsy bit of branding on Rediff
Classy one on Indiatimes but again very minor
Awsome logo of Google
Nice one by Yahoo also

AOL - nice one

Past few days....

Blogging was not a top priority for last few weekends but I thought before I forget most of the happenings, I should write whatever I can ....

1. Dinner at MAJ's place on 28 July

Today after about 16 days, I can still remember the corn curry, paneer ki sabzi, chawal, rotiyan ,etc. It was delicious and yes everything in MAJ's place was exactly like I had imagined to have been - meticulous and detailed - and then Parth treated us with the best sweets possible - his songs and his guitar.

It was a great experience - when do we do it again MAJ???

2. Weekend of 4-5 August

Megha, Rajit, Abhishek, Aakriti and myself went to the lake (which was actually a pond and not lake and even pond is treating that place with respect ;))...and had a picnic...and from there we went to IHC to catch any play and luckily got a play happening - it was mediocre but company was great so enjoyed.
Pics: Fish pond at IHC and scene from the play
Aakriti and Megha were too thrilled of watching such colorful fishes s…