Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lesson in corporate life - 1

Being organized

When you have at any given point of day, 50 people working for you at any given time, its very imperative to use their time, energy at the most optimum way.

So far, what I have tried to do in this are as follows:
1. Mails
At any given point of time, I try to ensure there are no more than 50 mails in Inbox. I try to respond to most of the mails I get in a day (around 65) and act on most of them with in 1 hour of getting. Be that mail from a fellow colleague who wants a song in my laptop or be that from a person who wants to understand strategy way forward for any brand activity.

2. Technology - Google
Its the best and most loyal friend today - I use all that Google has to offer to stay organized...Google calendars to stay updated on any meeting schedule...spreadsheets to make some document accessible by team ...Google desktop : to search for any file, email anything ...Google scholar to search for any research journal ...Google patents for any patents in the field me or my team is working etc

3. Response time
Always respond to queries, things which are stuck whenever possible almost instantaneously...never wait or sit to decide small issues...bigger issues of course take time...but send them to boss immediately and remember to close it with him asap.

4. Do not waste time for others

Remember: each and every second that you waste of others is creating a bad image of you...and in our profession...image is the most important body wants to be cast an ignorant, lazy, be conscious about it.

[To be followed]
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