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140 Kms in 1 day

Its a record!!! I covered more than the distance between Lucknow and Kanpur (cities in UP state of India)...the clincher is that I biked all this distance in Delhi itself in one day!!!!

Friday: 29th June
Nirmal (on chat): So I will be at India gate by 10:30 am, since I have to catch Bus to Jaipur from Bikaner house near India gate
Me (thinking): Abe , thoda late karke aa, its my well deserved Saturday and would love to sleep
Me (Telling him): Pukka? Then I will be there by 10:00 and remember to bring my Aboslut!!!
Nirmal:Yes, sure :)

Saturday: 9:00 AM
My weary body refuses to wake up, but then when forced from the mind's will power, they stand no chance and wake up....and is on bike at 9:45, rushing to India Gate.

10:15, At India Gate: Nirmal - no call, me waiting
10: 30At India Gate: Nirmal - no call, me cursing him by now
10:45 At India gate: Nirmal- calls: I have just come out from Airport, can you come to Dhola kuan?
Me: Exasperated: abe pagal hai kya???? its very far
Nirmal: Yes, but I will take one hour to reach India gate, you want to wait???and I will catch bus from Dhoula Kuan and I have got your Vodka
Me: Dhoula Kuan is very far and I have no clue of way till there, but I cant stay and see love birds cuddling around....Ok , I will come, lets meet there

And then, Anshul Sushil (Who has no sense of directions) driving to Dhoula Kuan.
Delhi transport facilities is one of the worst of its signs for the places, you can not ask anybody as everyone is equally confused....

Anyways I somehow reach Dhoula Kuan (distance which was not more than 15 Kms, I covered in 45 Kms) find Nirmal Sharma....smiling......

Nirmal: We will have to go back to India Gate.....
Me: GIve me my Absolut....and I am going back to Noida.....
Nirmal, sheepishly: Its not Absolut, its Finlandia (best Finland Vodka)
I felt I am going to die there and then.
Me: Don't you understand Branding and its powers????
He: Its more costly than Absolut!!!!!
And I start giving him lecture of how Google is better than MS and Yahoo and ow Absolut is the real Vodka.

Journey from Dhoula Kuan to India gate starts (after having abused Nirmal with hard core engineering gaallis)....

(he took an auto and though I tried best to slow down the speed of Bike to match that of auto, speedy guy like I am, drove away and we separated)

Me circling around India Gate, 4th time, unable to find which way to take....Humayun road, Shershah road, Akbar road ....bloody its in chronological order of their ascendancy to Indian throne......I was applying logic and finding out where the hell can be Bikaner house....but failed...Somehow after 6 circles, I got to Bikaner house with Nirmal Sharma smiling....

I again blurted out some gaalis....and then we started chatting at the bus stop about his USA experience....he has not zilch change....but for the fact that he wore tights in USA and I found him looking so sissy ...Nirmal, you were wearing PINK TIGHTS!!!!!!

He took bus for 2:30 and then I started for Lajpat Nagar to have awesome lunch at Big Grill with MAJ (colleague at HCL).....and we discussed life...and its she made me realize I used to read Doors of perception and Heaven andHell)....after passing some comfortable time inside an AC restaurant, I said Bye to her at 6:00 and started for Megha to catch DieHard4.0....John favorite action hero....

We reached Noida and the bike punctured.....(distance covered 100 Kms, patience level crossed 100 degrees centigrade)....Poor Megha had to wait in Sun while I got it fixed and somehow managed to reach PVR Spice at the right time....

Movie was good fun...inculcating in me the desire to exercise and do something for my fitness....

And then I dropped her back to Noida and came back to my home in Noida...

So total distance covered: 140 Kms
Total time in driving: 6


Take away of the day: 1 lt of Vodka (Nirmal, I wish it was Absolut!!!!!)

Best thing: I slept like a baby, sound and peaceful....after a couple of month or so....
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