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The long sleep...

Azure sky beckons him...
Wind gushes through his hair...
Watching down - the land of hope and the land of despair
Seeing up - he sees the welcome arms
Ready to embrace him
And finally he hopes for the long sleep.....the sleep with a tear in eyes and smile on lips...
The last two minutes - he sees all and hopes to catch one last glimpse of that special one
Will he?

Life - the great days

I was just wondering over my schedule these days and it brought smile over my face

1. Wake up and dance (finally - after so many years...)
2. Office - Great work, great team members, great friends
3. Personal life - Awesome! ;)
4. Food - Thanks to some special people - I still can not forget that paneer...Encore please!!!
5. Reading - I am getting to read what I had wanted = Gizmodo, SEM, Goole, aaah...heavenly
6. Music - Listening to Pink Floyd in night while sleeping at full volume....

Great....anything missing? Yeas....the sleep part....when?

Thank God its Thursday!!!

And here we met again...Ananda packing his bags for Mumbai for his dream job...we all decided to meet one last time and have a blast...

Sameer being teased by Surabhi for a smoke...I wonder how he controlled with all of us smoking like chimneys around him...real dude!!!
Surabhi, looking gracious with all the new refreshing and cheerful look...
MAJ and Geetanjali enlightening us with their beliefs on discrete topics....

We finished drinking and followed it with ice creams at Mc Donalds....and now the confessions ...when all of the guys left...Ananda and me went llooking for more drink..but all was shut and cclosed :)) we left for home....

Notable absentees:
1. Garima: Last found, somewhere in the large IT company called HCL fixing bugs in the system for a big MNC client....

2. Robin Sarkar: You missed it again Dude...but regaing your health and we shall go again :))

A funny sign in neighbourhood

I saw this sign in neighborhood "Agle ek hafte hindi akhbaar nahin chahiye" - I guess they will never get Hindi Newspaper again

Lesson in corporate life - 1

Being organized

When you have at any given point of day, 50 people working for you at any given time, its very imperative to use their time, energy at the most optimum way.

So far, what I have tried to do in this are as follows:
1. Mails
At any given point of time, I try to ensure there are no more than 50 mails in Inbox. I try to respond to most of the mails I get in a day (around 65) and act on most of them with in 1 hour of getting. Be that mail from a fellow colleague who wants a song in my laptop or be that from a person who wants to understand strategy way forward for any brand activity.

2. Technology - Google
Its the best and most loyal friend today - I use all that Google has to offer to stay organized...Google calendars to stay updated on any meeting schedule...spreadsheets to make some document accessible by team ...Google desktop : to search for any file, email anything ...Google scholar to search for any research journal ...Google patents for any patents in the field me or my te…

Clouds today

Amazing clusters of cloud today...I wish to go there and race against them...take pictures and lie down on grass near a river and interpret the stories they have to tell...I think they are Cumulonimbus clouds (for whatever little knowledge I have of them) ...

Thoughtful days...

My mind is playing tricks...brimming with so many thoughts, I thought I will write something...its more than an just sitting with laptop ....looking down the balcony....thinking...wanting to write many things...but could not write it beckoning to something?...I hope not, I am too control freak to expect some surprising element in life right it beckoning to something?...I hope yes, I love to be challenged and make sense of chaos and complexities of lives...

This has been cooking for last 3 months and has started to surface now more clearly than it did then...Am I expecting some answers? Then what are the questions first of all? There are no answers to what we do in life...we only have justifications of our actions...excuses, reasons to cover our deeds in the past and present...we never actually have the answers...and if you think deep...we never actually know the questions...

Is it the urge to do more and more things in lives? Is it the con…

140 Kms in 1 day

Its a record!!! I covered more than the distance between Lucknow and Kanpur (cities in UP state of India)...the clincher is that I biked all this distance in Delhi itself in one day!!!!

Friday: 29th June
Nirmal (on chat): So I will be at India gate by 10:30 am, since I have to catch Bus to Jaipur from Bikaner house near India gate
Me (thinking): Abe , thoda late karke aa, its my well deserved Saturday and would love to sleep
Me (Telling him): Pukka? Then I will be there by 10:00 and remember to bring my Aboslut!!!
Nirmal:Yes, sure :)

Saturday: 9:00 AM
My weary body refuses to wake up, but then when forced from the mind's will power, they stand no chance and wake up....and is on bike at 9:45, rushing to India Gate.

10:15, At India Gate: Nirmal - no call, me waiting
10: 30At India Gate: Nirmal - no call, me cursing him by now
10:45 At India gate: Nirmal- calls: I have just come out from Airport, can you come to Dhola kuan?
Me: Exasperated: abe pagal hai kya???? its very far
Nirmal: Yes, but I w…