Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boat in the ocean

An ocean. A deep blue ocean. Imagine a deep blue ocean and vibrant noisy lightning night.
A boat. A small lonely boat. Imagine the boat in the ocean, daring to go across.
Is the boat, stupid to have ventured out in such a stormy night such a vast ocean?
Is the boat, mad , to have dared the ocean to go across to its goal?
Is the boat, crazy, to have left the anchorage of the sweet and safe corner of the bay?

People say yes, boat should have waited for the right time, boat should have waited for the storm to quell, boat should have waited for the right time.

I say no, boat is just doing what it think is right. Ambitious, strong-willed, ability to say quick hello and then bye to people,who could have and should have been with it for long, has ability to say quick bye to people it does not want to....ability to let go off companions in the journey of life who matter... ability to say hi to strangers and seek comradeship in them.....

I believe in the boat's headiness to reach the goal.

I believe the boat , even if it is damaged and destroyed in the ocean, it still will feel content, to have guts to have ventured out, all alone.

Go ahead. Prove yourself. Be the boat in the ocean of life. After all, we have just one life. Live it, like you want, not how others want you to.
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