Monday, June 04, 2007

Basics of service in branding

I have been a big Motorola fan and believed that they deserved to regain their supremacy in mobile phones. But now, I dont  so it will ever be able to do that unless they get the basics of servicing in place.

Here is my frustrating experience with the big brand.

I bought Motorola A780 phone, which was marketed under MOTO WHIZ campaign in June last year and was pretty satisfied with it. But the battery life started getting worse day by day after 5 months....the buttons started I decided to take it to a service centre . And then I had a shocker of my life. There  was no service station in entire Noida but in a small shabby place in sector 18 which could barely accommodate  5 people - including 2 service engineers. To add to that, there was no one to deal with with the harried consumers.

I waited  for my turn, only to hear that even for checking whether the battery is at fault, they would need 2 days and if it's faulty they would send it to some factory (somewhere on the planet). When asked for a backup phone they said NO WAY! and when asked if they could tell me how much time it would take to come back from the factory, they again had no answers.

Distraught, I came back to one of the new swanky HOTSPOT outlet (which is now supposed to service and handle retail of Motorola) and I had bought my phone from one of the HOTSPOT outlets. The service lady tells me that she would arrange for the batteries as soon as possible. And would call me to tell about it. I waited frustratingly for about a month before calling her and was told the batteries have still not arrived.

I kept on calling her for 2 more months only to find the batteries have still not come.

Today, it is going to be almost a year when the guarantee and warranty would lapse. My phone needs to be charged  every 6 hours, else the phone gets switched off as the batteries  gets discharged.

I mean its ridiculous....its height of anti-consumerism. I loved the brand but my experience with it is pathetic and am certainly not going to recommend anyone any more to spend even a single penny on it. They might have made a good product and sold  it but they are certainly far far away to understand that servicing a customer is even more critical than making it.

Goodbye Motorola! You just lost a big fan of yours. I know you would not care as you must be busy making some new hot selling product.
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