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Boat in the ocean

An ocean. A deep blue ocean. Imagine a deep blue ocean and vibrant noisy lightning night.
A boat. A small lonely boat. Imagine the boat in the ocean, daring to go across.
Is the boat, stupid to have ventured out in such a stormy night such a vast ocean?
Is the boat, mad , to have dared the ocean to go across to its goal?
Is the boat, crazy, to have left the anchorage of the sweet and safe corner of the bay?

People say yes, boat should have waited for the right time, boat should have waited for the storm to quell, boat should have waited for the right time.

I say no, boat is just doing what it think is right. Ambitious, strong-willed, ability to say quick hello and then bye to people,who could have and should have been with it for long, has ability to say quick bye to people it does not want to....ability to let go off companions in the journey of life who matter... ability to say hi to strangers and seek comradeship in them.....

I believe in the boat's headiness to reach the g…

Basics of service in branding

I have been a big Motorola fan and believed that they deserved to regain their supremacy in mobile phones. But now, I dont  so it will ever be able to do that unless they get the basics of servicing in place.

Here is my frustrating experience with the big brand.

I bought Motorola A780 phone, which was marketed under MOTO WHIZ campaign in June last year and was pretty satisfied with it. But the battery life started getting worse day by day after 5 months....the buttons started I decided to take it to a service centre . And then I had a shocker of my life. There  was no service station in entire Noida but in a small shabby place in sector 18 which could barely accommodate  5 people - including 2 service engineers. To add to that, there was no one to deal with with the harried consumers.

I waited  for my turn, only to hear that even for checking whether the battery is at fault, they would need 2 days and if it's faulty they would send it to some factory …

Comfortably chaotic

Time: 1:30 in night: Me to myself: Dude! Sleep!!Its 6 days you have slept well.
Time: 1:45 in night: Myself to me: Enough!

Open the laptop and start surfing with song going on.....there is some lingering chaos going on in mind....I try to cull it by looking at some people profiles and blogs...brings back lot of memories...old acquaintances ... yesterday's losers and today's achievers ....makes me feel good for them...people with pets pictures...people with New York skyline in background (And the person did not even know if Tokyo is in USA or Australia) makes me laugh .....some people in interesting funnel of life struggling to come back to life...

Me? Yeah yeah....lots of expectations....burning candle of life from both sides....feeling good for the presence of some people in life....think of cute face of the baby....but then why chaos?....I know why? My problem is I understand everything. Everything from every perspective. Every angular or shady perspective but I do that.