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The Towel tale...

This is a tale of the two special ladies of my life....Aakriti and Megha...and their adventures of buying a towel...which lasted for more than 2 hours and stretch of 2 kms in lajpat nagar of Delhi.
(And I always thought Douglas Adams must have been the only person so eccentric about a piece of cloth to wipe your bodies, called a bloody...TOWEL)

Time: 7:30 pm
Me: Hey girls, let us go and shop. I have to buy a pillow.
Aakriti: Oh yes. Megs, we also have to buy the towels since we lost them in the last thunderstorms.
Megha: Oh yes, you guys carry on and I will join you guys.

Time: 8:00
Scene: Aakriti and me standing inside SITA FABRICS looking at the linens, bedsheets,pillows etc.
Aakriti to a salesperson: Bhayya, towel dikhayenge?
Me to Aakriti: You buy and I wil check out some pillows.

Time: 8:10
Me to Aakriti, yelling to call her from towel counter: Hey, I think I will buy this one, you want to see.
Aakriti: Ok Just a minute
Aakriti comes and says: Bhayya ye nahin, thoda halka, thoda bada, thoda aisa thoda waisa.
Acha Anshul, you see and I will finish buying towel and come back

Time: 8:20
Me to Aakriti: Hey I am taking this one finally.
Aakriti: OK
I go back to her and am befuddled to see her in middle of so many colored towels like she is going to use one towel a day for next 365 days, without repeating.
Aakriti to salesperson (after 25 minutes of searching that special pink color) Bhayya rahne do.
Me (looking at the sweat of the salesperson): Are...ek to le lo.
Aakriti:No, they do not have nice colors.
Me: ok, then just run away before he kills us

Time: 8:30 Megha calls Aakriti on phone

Aakriti on phone: Oye, they do not have nice towels. I am checking out some other shops

Time: 8:45
Megha joins us and suggests: Let us go back to SITA FABRICS
Me: shivering on the thought of the salesperson: Please , Aakriti just rejected their entire year supply of lots

Megha to Aakriti (as if I don't exists): Chal yaar

Time: 9:00
We enter SITA FABRICS with my face stooped down
The same salesperson thought we will buy now.
Megha and Aakriti asked him to sow the same 167 towels which Aakrit had rejected and the guy had repacked.
Me: Still shivering that some salesperson will come back and stab me from the back

Time: 9:20
Megha to Aakriti: You were right! They do not have nice colors.
Me to self: RUN FOR LIFE

All three of us outside, looking at some local vendors on their thela.

[I took 15 minutes in buying a pillow and two covers worth 375 bucks, and they still do not have a single towel]

After 15 minutes of fiddling with belongings of thelawala

Aakriti to Megha: Yaar he does not have variety!!!

Me: should we go and buy that pink one from SITA FABRICS???

Megha to Aakriti: How stupid, let us go to RAJKOT FABRICS

Me: Oh bloody, please buy anything!!!!! I am famished!!!!

Aakriti nearly frowning: Chup!

Time: 9:30 We enter Rajkot Fabrics

The salesperson is now nearly tired of having shown 15 different sets and calculations and recalculations of discounts and bargains by two might ladies.

Me: now numb with hunger and quips, collapsed on a staircase.

Megha: Mera wala pink!!!! (see the picture above)

Aakriti to salesperson: discount milega??

Salesperson: Madam 40%!!!

To be very frank I had to curb the urge to ask the salesperson: Bhai Sab bagal waali dukaan se ye jumbo pillow liya hai? Discount aap de do...

But then finally I saw the shine on the ladies eyes...they have found their colors, quality, discounts
And I finally got their nods to go and have dinner.

Next time they go shopping for towels.....god save LAJPAT NAGAR SALESPEOPLE!!!!!!!!

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