Sunday, May 27, 2007

Targeted advertising:

I had made a cursory mention of Targeted advertising and the need for reaching out to customers in more and more appealing and customized approach.

P&G launched an unbranded viral campaign, to divert attention from Philips Norelco Bodygroom electric razor (an bestseller) and scare men into being clean shaven by showing thme the consequences of growing hairy stubble.

The campaign has been done by Digitas, boston based agency.

The campaign is quite hilarious. Noscruf stands for National Organization of Social Crusaders Repulsed by Unshaven Faces. The website has been designed on the lines of archaic geo cities type pages. At first look it looks like a crusade by some selected women against men of their lives who do not shave. It is totally unbranded and only by googling you can make out that it actually is a marketing campaign. The entire look and feel of the old and dusty website makes you jump of the bed and shave....
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