Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shocker of life....

I realized I need to look after myself more...coz of the below conversation with a new friend I met recently...

She: You look old!
Me: Excuse me! Old as in maturity wise?
She: No. Age wise!
Me (with a sudden sullen voice): But I am just 25, heading on to 26
She: Oh!
Me: (To people around): Shit guys!
They: loud laughter....

My immediate action points of the weekends:
1. Go to a discotheque for one last shake-their-legs performance before I forget all my steps...Now, thinking for the last time when I danced...I can't remember..Shit man!...I need to dance!!!!!!!
2. Go and join Salsa
3. Buy Loreal black circles cosmetics...

Day 2:
Me, Boss, Big Boss and Super Boss together for some important discussion.

Me: Smiling
Big Boss to Super Boss: Anshul is 24
Me (with sheepish smile): No, I am 25 (Hiding the fact that I I will be 26 in June)
Super Boss: Oh Ya! (Hardly believing)
Me: Yes with giggle (Thinking about the fact that somebody said I LOOK OLD!!!!!)
Big Boss: He is the youngest ...atleast younger than the company
Everyone: Laughing
Me: Thinking that this needs to go in blog!!!
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