Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gossip session!!!

I finally had an evening out in Delhi.....with full of gossips.....stuff that you dont know but would love to know :) there were these MAJ, Garima, Surabhi, Geetanjali and Sameer (all colleagues from HCL Technologies) Ruby's Tuesday...drinking away to glory and enjoying the ravishing, spicy stories of the corporate world!
Can not divulge here what I got to know , as there were some blasphemous revelations, candid confessions (Surabhi, I am still digesting your bit of news....)....Geetanjali's infectious laughters......Garima's giggling through out the session, MAJ's best witty remarks, Sameer's attempts to pull everyone's legs....and me sitting there looking at people (especially Surabhi) and trying to digest some odd revelations over my drink and awesome food...

I am happy as finally I have a gang to hang out with in Delhi.

PS: Guys, I am already waiting for the next session!!!!
PSS: Mr. Robin Sarkar, make sure you do not miss the next for for your lifetime!!!!
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