Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Sunday morning alarm....

My bhatija...Aakshun....On Sunday in the morning 9:00 am...he will barge in my room in his night suit..and in case it is bolted...he will start yelling at top of his voice....and if I open it...he will look at me with those innocent eyes as if telling me....Chachu chalo khelen ....This picture is one of those special moments....

Know more about him and his cute and mischievous life...here

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Targeted advertising: Noscruf.org

I had made a cursory mention of Targeted advertising and the need for reaching out to customers in more and more appealing and customized approach.

P&G launched an unbranded viral campaign, Noscruf.org to divert attention from Philips Norelco Bodygroom electric razor (an Amazon.com bestseller) and scare men into being clean shaven by showing thme the consequences of growing hairy stubble.

The campaign has been done by Digitas, boston based agency.

The campaign is quite hilarious. Noscruf stands for National Organization of Social Crusaders Repulsed by Unshaven Faces. The website has been designed on the lines of archaic geo cities type pages. At first look it looks like a crusade by some selected women against men of their lives who do not shave. It is totally unbranded and only by googling you can make out that it actually is a marketing campaign. The entire look and feel of the old and dusty website makes you jump of the bed and shave....

Yahoo has new Mission statement.

Yahoo has been trying to catch up with Google. This seems to be one of the ways to catch up with "Don't be Evil" motto of Google.

Yahoo launced its new mission statement:
"Yahoo's mission, is to connect people to their passions, their communities, and the world's knowledge."

To ensure this, Yahoo offers a broad and deep array of products and services to create unique and differentiated user experiences and consumer insights by leveraging connections, data, and user participation.".....Jeff Weiner, EVP of Yahoo's Network Division

They have done a rather good job of pinning down the statement. With the rise of web2.0 technologies and evolution of consumer needs...Yahoo with its products like Answers, Finance, Bix etc can do it. But the big question is whether Yahoo would be able to come up with new products and especially against Google juggernaut? Yahoo mail is not able to catch up with GMAIL. Infact nothing after Answers has been able to catch public attention.

Coming back to mission statement: It is actually a little more focus than its previous mission statement:

"Our mission is to be the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses."

How we pursue that mission is influenced by a set of core values - the standards that guide interactions with fellow Yahoos, the principles that direct how we service our customers, the ideals that drive what we do and how we do it. Many of our values were put into practice by two guys in a trailer some time ago; others reflect ambitions as our company grows. All of them are what we strive to achieve every day.

In nutshell, the mission statement is right, Yahoo needs to fulfill it with new products and make better us of its marketing acumen to prove they can sustain it.

Read details:
1. Man on a mission blog
2. CNN News
3. Yahoo docs
4. And for a word by word analysis, read on Search engine blog

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I had posted a post "We all have one life" and this post can actually be taken as a sequeal to that blog.
I have a job which entails meeting lots and lots of people and also because of my nature of analyzing people's personality and forming first hand impressions, I think so much about even a 1 minute meeting with a person.

Everybody has such a unique story to tell....some stories you would love to know more...some stories which make you damn curious and provoke an urge to go deeper....some stories which make you laugh....some stories which give me learning for my life....

People who startle me.....people whom I least expect to be mature end up helluva mature...people whom I look up as mature end up being kiddish....people who inspire you to keep smiling in life....people whom you want to tell...DUDE! HAVE A BREAK!!! ..... there are times my first impression has been falsified....but what the heck....I guess...I love knowing new people....getting to know about them....and then un-knowing them....every story of a persons life is so unique....

Gossip session!!!

I finally had an evening out in Delhi.....with full of gossips.....stuff that you dont know but would love to know :).....so there were these MAJ, Garima, Surabhi, Geetanjali and Sameer (all colleagues from HCL Technologies)....in Ruby's Tuesday...drinking away to glory and enjoying the ravishing, spicy stories of the corporate world!
Can not divulge here what I got to know , as there were some blasphemous revelations, candid confessions (Surabhi, I am still digesting your bit of news....)....Geetanjali's infectious laughters......Garima's giggling through out the session, MAJ's best witty remarks, Sameer's attempts to pull everyone's legs....and me sitting there looking at people (especially Surabhi) and trying to digest some odd revelations over my drink and awesome food...

I am happy as finally I have a gang to hang out with in Delhi.

PS: Guys, I am already waiting for the next session!!!!
PSS: Mr. Robin Sarkar, make sure you do not miss the next for for your lifetime!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Whats up with Aakriti

Aakriti has joined Naukri.com as Assistant Manager in the strategy profile in Public Relations for InfoEdge group (which houses brands like jeevansaathi.com , 99acres.com, and of course naukri.com. So while whole day she has to run after the journalists and make them write BIG news ...she still manage to look cheerful and full of smile ;) (sample above)

So all those friends who are looking for naukri....send her your resume ...:)

PS: Picture will come back too :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One of those days...

One of the bad days ....nothing went my way....hardly slept in the night becuase of ths stupid heat in Delhi...was taking photos of the city from balcony till the ungodly hours of morning...morning near the traffic signal...the stupid traffic policeman (and that too with a danda....and yelled at me) ...and then the goof ups in office when I just saved my a - - ...oh it was a hair tearing day....I liked the ending of the day though....partied for Robin's birthday party in SouthEx ...his cheerful and noisy gang of guys made me nostalgic though....those engineering days and those night outs....hmmmmm...anyways....I am glad the day ended without much problems ...

Some numerology:
Day: 22 May 2007 and the single date being 4 (hm)
Token number in the morning in office: 62: adding to 8 (hmmm)
Day: Tuesday
Glad the day ended....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Robin's birthday

My wishlist for birthday....

I want these.....

(if you read above things as blanks....you are not my friend.....)
PS: Waise a trip like Agra would do...is anyone listening???? If yes, then please give me a surprise.....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Young Zaphod reading Hitchikers guide to galaxy

I think he has gone so bored of seeing me reading me this book that he has started pondering....dekhoon to chachu kya padte rahte hain.......actually for past 3 months I have been trying to finish the novel....and Aakshun ne jabse hosh sambhala hai usne mere ko wahi padte dekha hai....;)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Towel tale...

This is a tale of the two special ladies of my life....Aakriti and Megha...and their adventures of buying a towel...which lasted for more than 2 hours and stretch of 2 kms in lajpat nagar of Delhi.
(And I always thought Douglas Adams must have been the only person so eccentric about a piece of cloth to wipe your bodies, called a bloody...TOWEL)

Time: 7:30 pm
Me: Hey girls, let us go and shop. I have to buy a pillow.
Aakriti: Oh yes. Megs, we also have to buy the towels since we lost them in the last thunderstorms.
Megha: Oh yes, you guys carry on and I will join you guys.

Time: 8:00
Scene: Aakriti and me standing inside SITA FABRICS looking at the linens, bedsheets,pillows etc.
Aakriti to a salesperson: Bhayya, towel dikhayenge?
Me to Aakriti: You buy and I wil check out some pillows.

Time: 8:10
Me to Aakriti, yelling to call her from towel counter: Hey, I think I will buy this one, you want to see.
Aakriti: Ok Just a minute
Aakriti comes and says: Bhayya ye nahin, thoda halka, thoda bada, thoda aisa thoda waisa.
Acha Anshul, you see and I will finish buying towel and come back

Time: 8:20
Me to Aakriti: Hey I am taking this one finally.
Aakriti: OK
I go back to her and am befuddled to see her in middle of so many colored towels like she is going to use one towel a day for next 365 days, without repeating.
Aakriti to salesperson (after 25 minutes of searching that special pink color) Bhayya rahne do.
Me (looking at the sweat of the salesperson): Are...ek to le lo.
Aakriti:No, they do not have nice colors.
Me: ok, then just run away before he kills us

Time: 8:30 Megha calls Aakriti on phone

Aakriti on phone: Oye, they do not have nice towels. I am checking out some other shops

Time: 8:45
Megha joins us and suggests: Let us go back to SITA FABRICS
Me: shivering on the thought of the salesperson: Please , Aakriti just rejected their entire year supply of lots

Megha to Aakriti (as if I don't exists): Chal yaar

Time: 9:00
We enter SITA FABRICS with my face stooped down
The same salesperson thought we will buy now.
Megha and Aakriti asked him to sow the same 167 towels which Aakrit had rejected and the guy had repacked.
Me: Still shivering that some salesperson will come back and stab me from the back

Time: 9:20
Megha to Aakriti: You were right! They do not have nice colors.
Me to self: RUN FOR LIFE

All three of us outside, looking at some local vendors on their thela.

[I took 15 minutes in buying a pillow and two covers worth 375 bucks, and they still do not have a single towel]

After 15 minutes of fiddling with belongings of thelawala

Aakriti to Megha: Yaar he does not have variety!!!

Me: should we go and buy that pink one from SITA FABRICS???

Megha to Aakriti: How stupid, let us go to RAJKOT FABRICS

Me: Oh bloody, please buy anything!!!!! I am famished!!!!

Aakriti nearly frowning: Chup!

Time: 9:30 We enter Rajkot Fabrics

The salesperson is now nearly tired of having shown 15 different sets and calculations and recalculations of discounts and bargains by two might ladies.

Me: now numb with hunger and quips, collapsed on a staircase.

Megha: Mera wala pink!!!! (see the picture above)

Aakriti to salesperson: discount milega??

Salesperson: Madam 40%!!!

To be very frank I had to curb the urge to ask the salesperson: Bhai Sab bagal waali dukaan se ye jumbo pillow liya hai? Discount aap de do...

But then finally I saw the shine on the ladies eyes...they have found their colors, quality, discounts
And I finally got their nods to go and have dinner.

Next time they go shopping for towels.....god save LAJPAT NAGAR SALESPEOPLE!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Despair, Inc. :-(

All of us have seen those motivational quotes in our offices....those DARE TO BE DIFFERENT notes all over the corporate merchandise. Here is a company, DESPAIR, INC, which produces posters, mugs, souvenirs,t-shirts and lot of other merchandise to play jest over the motivational indoctrination syndrome, all over the corporate culture. Quite contrast and as a mirror image to Successories.

Sample is the pessimist cup.

Logo of the company? you would not believe it. It has trademarked :-( , yes the famous frowning emoticon which we use in chats, mails etc. Next time you use it, beware, they may ask you to pay money for it is usage.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Best part of life...

25 years...too old? too young? do not know but I know that these are my best days of life....5 years hence I will have a different life....and I will be living life not only for myself but for others....today I do what I want to do....tomorrow I will do what they would expect me to do (and not to do)....today I can in the night 12: 12 to be precise rise from my bed after given 1 hours to big fat novel which does not finishes....start thinking about some random thought...take out laptop and start writing this post...
Today, my definition of happiness is dependent only on me...what would happen 5 years from now?
I have no clue!!!! What matters is....I love my age...I think these are my wonder years...and I want to live these to full potential....

Mood: Happy
Weather: Rainy with lot of thunderstorms
Song: Robbie Williams's Feel

Monday, May 14, 2007

A smile....

I was going on a bike to home thinking about something....and there I saw a person with smile talking on phone with someone....and I started thinking about a person's best appearance...when he/she is smiling....a smile can change a life...as it did mine....I was in a meeting and was trying to sell my point to the client (back in MBA time, when I had dedicated myself to a crusade of earning monies through live projects)....I could see that I had failed miserably....and I returned to come back to sit...with a little setback....and I turned to see a person smiling....that was the best smile I could ever see at that time...it was reassuring that I will succeed ....(needless to add that in the end I actually succeeded)....it is so tough to add a smile to anyone's face (and in life)...though I would love to believe that I am perfect in that :)....
I wonder why people do not keep smiling? I try to smile myself no matter what. I have failed miserably in life so many times and I could hardly summon courage from within to smile for days...it still happens though now I know the art of masquerading with perfection...no one can ever even see what is happening inside me...coz I am always there with a smile...

Weekend 12-13 May

Another hectic weekend...saturday working for more on the campaign launched....and later organizing my CDs of movies and songs till the wee hours of morning of Sunday....Sunday was busy in catching up with friends on a bad lunch but a terrific pasta dinner....

I also saw Spiderman 3 and loved it....though others hated it...

48 hours of weekend and I slept barely for 10 hours :(..result...Monday mania...

Keyless locking mailbox

he Keyless Locking Mailbox turns the tables on mail thieves. Instead of just opening your box to steal your precious Ed Mcmahon offers, mail terrorists will be thwarted by the necessity of entering a complicated PIN. (Meanwhile, the mailperson safely drops your mail down an impenetrable chute.) For $299, you'd better have a worthy identity to protect. Then again, there is nothing worse than checking my mailbox to find that, once again, someone has stolen my:

1. Copy of Readers Digest
2. Victoria's Secret Catalog
3. Submarine that I ordered 3 months ago off the Trix box

Can I get an "amen"? – Mark Wilson

Source: Taken directly from Gizmodo.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A $10 Laptop!!!

You read right. First came the $100 One Laptop Per Child windup laptop project, now researchers in India believe they can make one even cheaper, try $10!

This is according to a proposal winding it’s way through the Indian government which believes a laptop computer can be made now for as low as $10.

That means that ten times as many computers could conceivably be made available to poor and underprivileged communities in India and other third world nations than the UN approved OLPC Negroponte models.

Providing support for the project, is Semiconductor Complex, a state-sponsored designer and manufacturer of integrated circuits who stand to win any potential contract for the hardware needed to build it.

Officials are considering two different design proposals from an engineering student from the Vellore Institute of Technology and a researcher from the Indian Institute of Science.

Both sides believe that a laptop comparable to the OLPC can now be made for half the cost of the windup model, but have high hopes that with advances in manufacturing and distribution techniques, that ultimately the price can be slashed to the goal of $10.

Much like the OLPC, chances are, it would run on open source software like Linux, otherwise, with Windows running it, the cost would skyrocket to well over three times that of the UN Model.

Source: Gizomodo and Here

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Caution notice

It is saddening to know how some unscrupulous handful of people try to cash in hopes of people who are looking for jobs...It saddens the spirit of companies like HCL which are trying to make India a much better place to live in...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blog marketing

I had blogged about Webaroo
on my Tech blog, and I got a mail from a webaroo professional.

Very smart. This is the future of marketing. Relevant and contextual advertising. Sending mesages to those who are actually interested.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shocker of life....

I realized I need to look after myself more...coz of the below conversation with a new friend I met recently...

She: You look old!
Me: Excuse me! Old as in maturity wise?
She: No. Age wise!
Me (with a sudden sullen voice): But I am just 25, heading on to 26
She: Oh!
Me: (To people around): Shit guys!
They: loud laughter....

My immediate action points of the weekends:
1. Go to a discotheque for one last shake-their-legs performance before I forget all my steps...Now, thinking for the last time when I danced...I can't remember..Shit man!...I need to dance!!!!!!!
2. Go and join Salsa
3. Buy Loreal black circles cosmetics...

Day 2:
Me, Boss, Big Boss and Super Boss together for some important discussion.

Me: Smiling
Big Boss to Super Boss: Anshul is 24
Me (with sheepish smile): No, I am 25 (Hiding the fact that I I will be 26 in June)
Super Boss: Oh Ya! (Hardly believing)
Me: Yes with giggle (Thinking about the fact that somebody said I LOOK OLD!!!!!)
Big Boss: He is the youngest ...atleast younger than the company
Everyone: Laughing
Me: Thinking that this needs to go in blog!!!

My first campaign

Who are these people?

What am I doing with a bull?

details on May 4th on this website....and on May 4th in all leading channels of India...

Ladies and gentleman...my first campaign of life