Monday, April 23, 2007

What is death...

Day 1:
I always want to think about it...know more about it...discuss it with equally morbid thinkers...when somebody near me dies I get to think more about is not that I try to run away from thinking about it. It is just that I have never been able to convince myself with the thought that I have for it, I wish if somebody could give me a more convincing and rationale thoughts on it.

Think about who am I? What do you want to be remembered as when you are gone? Why am I working so hard , when I can work at 60% of my efficiency successful in the world's eyes and enjoy a great life? Why is it that I prefer to stay 2 extra hours in office when I am all alone and think about this so called morbid thought rather go and chill out like most of other people of my age?

What color would death be? Black? I don't think it should be black. We tend to associate black color with everything which is unknown. But death! Don't we know what is death? What is not known is what happens after death.

Day 3:

I was walking in a swanky retail outlet …and I came across a shop to see a guard, opening and closing the doors behind people ….

It triggered a thought in me where in I saw the shop as a metaphor to Life with the gatekeeper like GOD…screening and checking people to enter into our lives and getting them out…the life akin shop could be in 5 star (ecstatic) or that of a thelawala in Sector 18 (poor person)…but guarded by someone…and when the time comes…guard shuts the door (signifying death)…

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