Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend fun 23 April 2007

Money splurging weekend, bought lot of Tshirts, Cargos,etc.

Caught FAST FOOD NATION, again on the Attic...Overall a nice movie but not if you want to relax and that was my mood on Sunday I could not appreciate the movie much....but what struck me most was the eyes of all the seemed to speak so much of them...I know I observe very different things in life but that is what I will remember the most of this movie...


Met Neha and Deepak. (Neha is now in Delhi)...met her..watched Bheja Fry with them...pathetic movie..(I still can not beleive Neha that you will be married by year end!!!!!)

Had some serious thinking of my life and what is going on...

I just hope my plan will power remains intact till the time I die...(more philosophy in next post)
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