Thursday, April 26, 2007

Introducing MAJ

By this post I would like to introduce MAJ, Madhavi, my co-worker at HCL.
It was a pleasant surprise for me to find out that she is an avid blogger, so I celebrate by adding her in my Favorite links and here is part of her writing. For more details you may visit her blog

And MAJ I really liked this piece :)

You will ask me Love

How I am
I will tell you about
How fine I am
I get through the day
I get things done
I know my way
From dawn to dawn
In the twilight zone
Life passes away

Passes away

With Time

And sometimes when the walls
Of this closed room
Grow closer and closer down on me

I have no expectation and
Hence no Fear
No one will come knocking
To disturb me here

Except piquant Memory
Except Dead Memory

The kind that causes pleasure no more
Because it cannot cause pain
The kind that shows
No rainbows because
It cannot precipitate the dammed rain

From dark nebulous clouds
Those abstract shrouds
To uncertain feeling

Because, when, Love, you left me
Laughter died
Along with tears
Excitement died
Along with fears
There isn't any love left in me
So there isn't any need
To give or to receive
And ever since then
I have not been very happy
And I am thankful to you
Because neither have I been sad
And that's not bad

After all, that's not so bad
I am fine, thank you.
Thanks for asking.
No I am not sad.
I am getting along and that after all
Is not so ba
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