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Introducing MAJ

By this post I would like to introduce MAJ, Madhavi, my co-worker at HCL.
It was a pleasant surprise for me to find out that she is an avid blogger, so I celebrate by adding her in my Favorite links and here is part of her writing. For more details you may visit her blog

And MAJ I really liked this piece :)

You will ask me Love
How I am
I will tell you about
How fine I am
I get through the day
I get things done
I know my way From dawn to dawn
In the twilight zone
Life passes away
Everything Passes away
With Time
And sometimes when the walls
Of this closed room
Grow closer and closer down on me
I have no expectation and
Hence no Fear
No one will come knocking
To disturb me here
Except piquant Memory
Except Dead Memory
The kind that causes pleasure no more
Because it cannot cause pain
The kind that shows
No rainbows because
It cannot precipitate the dammed rain
From dark nebulous clouds
Those abstract shrouds
To uncer…

What is death...

Day 1:
I always want to think about it...know more about it...discuss it with equally morbid thinkers...when somebody near me dies I get to think more about is not that I try to run away from thinking about it. It is just that I have never been able to convince myself with the thought that I have for it, I wish if somebody could give me a more convincing and rationale thoughts on it.

Think about who am I? What do you want to be remembered as when you are gone? Why am I working so hard , when I can work at 60% of my efficiency successful in the world's eyes and enjoy a great life? Why is it that I prefer to stay 2 extra hours in office when I am all alone and think about this so called morbid thought rather go and chill out like most of other people of my age?

What color would death be? Black? I don't think it should be black. We tend to associate black color with everything which is unknown. But death! Don't we know what is death? What is not known is what…

Weekend fun 23 April 2007

Money splurging weekend, bought lot of Tshirts, Cargos,etc.

Caught FAST FOOD NATION, again on the Attic...Overall a nice movie but not if you want to relax and that was my mood on Sunday I could not appreciate the movie much....but what struck me most was the eyes of all the seemed to speak so much of them...I know I observe very different things in life but that is what I will remember the most of this movie...


Met Neha and Deepak. (Neha is now in Delhi)...met her..watched Bheja Fry with them...pathetic movie..(I still can not beleive Neha that you will be married by year end!!!!!)

Had some serious thinking of my life and what is going on...

I just hope my plan will power remains intact till the time I die...(more philosophy in next post)

Weekend fun: "Infernal Affairs" movie

Got a chance to catch the flick as luckily came back from Mumbai in time....went to the Attic in CP, New Delhi(for your reference: you may call Saif: 9810617477, for any upcoming events or movies).

I was a sort of biased after having relished "The departed" so did not quite like the subdued manifestations of the movie as compared to the gory and bloody details in the remake. I could, though, understand what made this one of the best Hong Kong movies of all times and which was shot in the arm for the movie industry there.

Overall: A must watch

Random thoughts on workless friday

I seldom get chance to let my mind wander freely...especially after joining HCL Technologies where each day is a different experience and I have to push myself a level above to perfection...

Today I am thinking of my future...what will it be after 5 years...though professionally I have answers to all the questions...but on personal level will I have answer to all those questions which has puzzled me on unconscious level?

About riding bike @ 100KMPH

I always wondered what drives people so crazy for it the bike? Is it the fun of driving it? What exactly?
Here is what I could figure out
Its about the attitude. When you are driving the bike, you are psychologically pushing your self towards aggression. Personally, What I like about the bike driving is the speed. It gives me a feel of being in control with fast things of life. That defines my quest of rising the speed of the bike till 100 KMPH until the gush of wind makes it tough for it for me to drive.