Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend news

Went to catch Festivals of films by Eliane de latour in Alliance Francaise (011-43500200) on Sunday.
For finding out what is new and coming up by French embassy, click here

Watched Les Oiseaux Du Ciel (birds of heaven)

About the movie:

The movie could have done more justice by building the characters Otho and Shad more powerfully. I think, the director got lost in so many characters like Tango, Olga, etc that the major message which was to be conveyed from the movie got lost.
Though I liked the music of the movie. It was over powering your senses.

About the director:

She is a very genuine person. Was not crafty at all in defending questions. Very honest and that will encourage me to look for more movies from her.
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