Saturday, March 17, 2007

That recurring dream....

Dreams. What are they? Why do we dream? Why do they haunt us to our existence? why do they raise the questions and force us to seek answers for which in reality we are unable (or restricted by limitations of real world) to find answers answers?

There are some dreams which give you joy, some dreams which shake you , stirr you...some dreams which help you to come in terms with reality and some dreams which take you away from reality and thus, relax you.

But what if some dreams recur in life ? what if you are unable to shake away certain dreams from your sleep so much that the thin line between dream and reality vanishes? What if you start living your dream? What if the dream never let you sleep?

Scary? Will share my such dream but only on personal requests... so let me know if you want to hear my such recurring dream...a dream which I have been breathing since 8 years now...sometimes loud to make me deaf and sometimes vanishing for more than a year...and I think I have done well to keep it checked (at least as of today)
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