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Weekend news

Went to catch Festivals of films by Eliane de latour in Alliance Francaise (011-43500200) on Sunday.
For finding out what is new and coming up by French embassy, click here

Watched Les Oiseaux Du Ciel (birds of heaven)

About the movie:

The movie could have done more justice by building the characters Otho and Shad more powerfully. I think, the director got lost in so many characters like Tango, Olga, etc that the major message which was to be conveyed from the movie got lost.
Though I liked the music of the movie. It was over powering your senses.

About the director:

She is a very genuine person. Was not crafty at all in defending questions. Very honest and that will encourage me to look for more movies from her.

We lost

300 the movie

Saw it yesterday...I liked it. Particularly, the magnificence (though everything was technologically achieved through bluescreen), the angle of shooting ,etc

More importantly becuase it led me to the deep thought again on Death (separate post because of the thoughts raised by this move ); love and what is that we live for? Spartans lived for their freedome? What is it that I am living for? No Answer (Yet!)

That recurring dream....

Dreams. What are they? Why do we dream? Why do they haunt us to our existence? why do they raise the questions and force us to seek answers for which in reality we are unable (or restricted by limitations of real world) to find answers answers?

There are some dreams which give you joy, some dreams which shake you , stirr you...some dreams which help you to come in terms with reality and some dreams which take you away from reality and thus, relax you.

But what if some dreams recur in life ? what if you are unable to shake away certain dreams from your sleep so much that the thin line between dream and reality vanishes? What if you start living your dream? What if the dream never let you sleep?

Scary? Will share my such dream but only on personal requests... so let me know if you want to hear my such recurring dream...a dream which I have been breathing since 8 years now...sometimes loud to make me deaf and sometimes vanishing for more than a year...and I think I have done well to keep …

Book I am reading: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I nearly had this book in my previous job but then I quit! ;)
Delhi lacks good book shops like Landmark in Bangalore ( my favourite place for books).
Anyways, looking forward to read it soon.
Till then click here to read about it.

And then a colleague in HCL technologies, Bokul Bhowmik, got me the book. This weekend I devoted myself in and my life will never be the same. Co-incidently I am reading this just as I had finished God's debris and so the entire concept of the supreme manifestation of all things, THE GOD, seems impossibility...(scientific and not metaphysical point of view)...My second best book fiction book so far (after ofcourse the Shantaram)

It rained...

It rained. It rained again. It rained at odd time again, just when I had put away all my sweaters and jackets away and had said Hi to summers. But then it rained and I loved it.

I was standing in my balcony and I saw a bird flying high in the sky. It was alone. It was enjoying.

It was raining, the bird was lonely but it seemed to enjoy the oddity of nature (raining when it should not) and oddity of human nature (lonely in the crowd).

People find it odd to be happy when they are alone. I love it. I like to think about so many things. I like dreaming. I like dreaming about so many things. Actions are manifestations of rigid thoughts. Solitude helps me to have that rigidity of thoughts. Thoughts of life, thoughts of some special moments, thoughts of what I am doing in life...thoughts of people of my inner circle and how I can make life a little easy for them.

I guess that was what that bird was doing up there...wetting itself in the rains...wanting to be with someone and yet enjoying the so…

Vintage pictures

Thanks to the efforts of some digging by Anurodh and Sardar, here are some age old pictures of the wonder Engineering days...

Book I am reading: Like the flowing river

These are basically thoughts which have been beautifully captured by Paulo. I really liked it. It is meant for one of those Sundays when you want to be alone and reflect on yourself and your life.
What I like about Paulo's thoughts is his simple way of putting complicated thoughts. And that couple with his poetry like thoughts depicted in great clarity of thoughts.
A must read.