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7 days, 4 weddings, 1 life

7 glorious which I got to attend 4 weddings of my great freinds and also I got to understand a new mean of my life....

The journey started on 28th Morning and I reached Jhansi for Saurabh's marriage. It was a great trip to Jhansi, meeting ITBHU freinds, Vikalp, KP, sardar, rawat and dancing to the tunes of MAIN NAGIN TU SAPERA....hehehhehehe....I also got time to visit the for of Jhansi and then Orcha..there after I reached Allahabad to attend to Shuchi's marriage and also to meet my parents...
But the biggest thing of the journey was to get answer to my age old intriguing question...will blog about it at the right time...but till then lets hope the answer that I have got is right and I am not forced to think about it in a different way :))

Mood: Jubiliant
Song: Kuon chalti hai pawan....(Dont laugh you guys)

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