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My testimonials @ Orkut

I moved out of orkut.

But still preserved some of those testimonials who describe me more or less (no way perfect as all of the dear freinds have portrayed the good Anshul Sushil and not the real one!!!!)

u must b wonderin y soo late...n i m wonderin y even now..hahaha...but kya karo total velli thi...truly speakin its really difficult to write abt the person who to the world might a be a wizkid, fabulous dancer, IT man etc etc but to me he is simply a true friend...loved n still love each n every moment spend with whether it is the notorious Diu trip ;) or our innumerous arguments..Anshul i still cant get on without killin u to death with my silly talks hahaha...i knw wht u r thinkin saale TMKC jayada bhav mat kha....anyways ppl just b urself b4 him n u wil get to knw the real Anshul...a gem of a person...uff kuch jayada sugary ho gaya..GMKS (11/23/2006)

Anshul.....hmm the most energetic guy of our engg. batch...and yes the best dancer of the Institute! There is a lot to learn from this "Little Champ" except metallurgy...:-) Selfness and extremely strong willpower makes him a great achiever......Look the world is smiling at you! (10/15/2006) Abhishek: anshul aka fukki.he is my little bro and big manager!. he is a well determined person. Always works hard to achieve, whatever he wish for (accept metallurgy..hehe.). n ya Undoubtedly..a great dancer..everyone (7/23/2006)

Sriya: Gadget freak. Spirited dancer. Hard worker. Party animal. Credible source of gossip. Great friend. Anshul Sushil: you're the best! (7/6/2006)

Spaceman Spiff: Nach meri jaann.. nach nach!
Well some guys are born with talent.. such is the case with this dude too...
Born dancer! You can see that in his every move...
The thing that amazed me a lot abt this dude and which many ppl may fail to notice.. is he got a rock solid determination.. very few ppl (countable) I knew have this level of determnation..
This alone is gonna assure one thing.. hes gonna get what he wants!
Chalo kafi ho gaya tariif.. bas mast bandha hai, who enjoyes life in HIS way!
Finally there are two things which he can't attain even with his determination..
Guess what?
1. ghane julf...
2. height..
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6/7/2006)

guy with a passion, with a die hard atitude and the best, 4th member of our Royal 2.00 AM group......another great bakar with hoard of innovative and not so common topics to talk about......all in all a great bakar and a great friend!! (5/2/2006)

If Dancing could get one gals, Anshul would be the Don Juan of modern life!
Simply unstoppable, he sizzles on the dance floor.

Ofcourse our very own Dexter (Engineer bhai!!) is in his elements on the comp too, not to mention his PDA etc etc.
A penchant for creative & innovative galis just adds to his repetoire of numerous qualities. ;-)

Brother, you truly understood my 'pursuits' at MICA. lol. Wish you love & luck!! (3/27/2006) :

Anshul Sushil is one of a kind…don’t get misled by his glasses and aptitude for science and mathematics (or his tendency to name electronic gadgets)! He’s no geek! Anshul’s an unbelievable dancer and has a cool sense of humour. He doesn’t take sweat the small stuff (didn’t mind when my friend and I made faces at him through the glass when he was in a faculty meeting!). He’ll be the central person in any grapevine and shares a lot of laughs with his gang about how people talk/dance etc! He’s also the most likely to be passionate about doing 4534543 projects per day and forming study groups to ensure smooth functioning of his plans! (Sometimes it backfires…Anshul, remember your short-lived alliance with Prashant Jain?) He made two years at MICA memorable and hilarious…now he is probably doing the same for the Aliagroup bunch! Way to go Anshul. (9/8/2005)

He is my friend. Isn't that enough? :-))......tried really hard to come up with something good about him, but there was nothing. lol (8/14/2005) ~

Very cute person...a terrific dancer..!!
His dance is a must see thing...and...ummm...ya interesting person...very friendly n helping... 3 cheers for Anshul ...hip hip hurray...hip hip hurray...HIP HIP HURRAYYYY!!! (10/21/2004)
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