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Guy of small things...

Big things are important. They help you steer from happiness or misery in one shot...but this post is not about them. This one is for the joy of small things.

This one is for...

1. Treading on unknown path - asking way from people and reaching to places ...
I dont have a very good sense of directions and so I seldom take unknown ways...but when I have time I like doing this...may be unconsciously it helps keep the traveler inside me.

2. Siting in Sun and scribbling my right now...I am the "Winter guy" - sitting in Sun and dreaming - fav past time ;)

3. Seeing her cry over an emotional movie - and feeling tears in my own eyes

4. Looking in the playful eyes of Aakshun...and enjoying his dance on Dhoom song

5. Roaming endlessly and aimlessly in markets - enjoying the stillness and vibrancy - local delicious cuisines always there to rev it up

6. Finding a thousands note in my old wallet!

7. Winning over a bank (read HSBC) and getting the due money back (with an apology!…

Top 10 moments that made my 2007

Well that time of the year is here, when you want to scribble some thoughts on what you did right and what you will do in next year...though my that list is personal but I thought I should write and acknowledge some of the moments which I enjoyed and will cherish for long times.
So here it goes...


Lolita - The book.
Also the song - One thing by Finger Eleven. - which has become by dreaming song

Launch of my own website on 27th November and thus making the day extra special :)

Getting to know (Almost!) some very unique and interesting people at HCL throughout the year...

Yashi (sharing knowledge on some really interesting things)
Bokul (forcing me to download songs for her - violating all legal rights)
Sameer (those discussions for anything over cigarettes)
MAJ (and getting to learn and unlearn some of really unimaginable things)
Robin (cracking jokes on almost everyone in office with his sharp wi…

"Dancer" Anshul

"Hey, but you are a good dancer, why don't you dance anymore?"

Simple question put to me - often by freinds.

Tough answer - for me to give - so most of the times I evade it by using humor.

It seems impossible for me to imagine my self performing in front of people - and shouts of encore.

Today - Anshul - the techy
Yesterday - Anshul - the dancer

And that first performance - all that challenge and me overcoming so many hurdles just to prove myself and winning away the first prize - and that confidence of having defeated some people. Oh.That was fun! Will never forget that night.

I wonder when was the last time I was so passionate about anything.
Waking up to reach college and there thinking of dance steps to fit into the beats by tapping the desk.
Coming back to start the music to see if the beats and dance fall together.
Practicing for hours alone with no one around - in a small tape (that too borrowed from people)...sweating at 2 in the night in December in Varanasi winters - co…

My Website launched

I finally have my own website.

People have been asking me the reason for launching it and I have been giving lot of reasons...some funny... some serious but neglected to tell the real reason. But on much deliberation, I thought I will share the right reason.
Some people do their websites for fun...some people do it for networking...some people do it just for the heck of doing...but for me it was special.

I wanted to mark a milestone in my life - milestone to mark my evolution into a dreamer. The opening page of the website –is in fact - an attempt to set a preamble of my journey in life so far – and hopefully for future life as well.
I have evolved. Lot of people have helped me in the journey so far…some have directly contributed by making me realize that I need to change and some people played their part indirectly by making my life miserable and challenged to change. . I survived all that. More importantly I learnt from all that. I think I have done a great job in adapting and moving o…

Currently reading "City of Djinns"

Weekend: Whattafun!

A great weekend comes to end :(

It started with Watching New release - Goal of John Abraham - Not at all recommended for anyone...I dont want to waste my time detailing down the most pathetic movies in recent past

I watched Shoot Them up - again a terrible movie - Mr. Smith who shoots and eats carror like Karamchand of yester years...

The best part was watching Cricket match - well - while sitting in the Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium, New Delhi...I got passes for the match as HCL has a corporate VIP box there...and it was great fun...a great company did add a flavor of its own - Aakriti was shouting and doing Mexican wave with occasional company by me too :))

For more pictures, click here

Am I there?

I think my communications skills are pretty decent ...well I do get people do what I want :))...any comments from you , dear reader?

Am I there, yet, when I can say that for myself?

PS: And it has nothing to do with my small achievement today in the meeting!!!~wink wink~

Movies this weekend

Currently reading: Illustraions by Richard Bach

Thoughts in a balcony

Everything seems small from here…Everyone appears far from here…Busy people, noisy vehicles, grazing animals – Away from all – above all – here I am – on a balcony.Still…I am in the auto – returning from office – back to homeI am at the gate – getting in for the night shift at the call centreI am flying high above the tall buildingI am eating cookies with that soft hand in my handBut lo! – Behold! – I find myself still here – on the balcony.It feels good to touch upon other’s stories from hereThough it saddens – to just see and hear – and unable to do anything from up hereSitting here – and think about the peopleSitting here – fighting such disparate thoughtsSitting here – I wonder what to do?Sitting here – I wonder what not to do!
And in the end – finding myself – gloomy in thoughts - and on the balcony.

People around me these days...

Well, there is a common thing about people around me these days...

There is a person who is in love and wants to run away from it at the same time there is someone who is in love and wants to run towards it.

There is a person who is utterly serious with love and then there is someone who flirts with love

There is someone who is choked down with lot of love (of so many people) and then then there is someone who desperately wants to be loved

There is someone who does not think love exists and then there is someone who is out in search of true love.

There is someone who does not want to fall in love becuase of a previous love and then there is someone who wants to fall in love to forget the past love

There is someone who is in love and does not want to accept it at the same time there is someone who expresses the love so much that nobody wants to believe in it

And then there is me...who discusses all the above permutations and combinations...and that too with lot of interest and love :)

Talk to her (7/10)

I was watching the trailer of "Talk to her" in the DVD in night at about 1 on a Tuesday, but got mesmerized by the colors - the visuals – the signature style of Pedro Almodóvar – that I finished the whole movie and went to sleep at 3:30….

The film has two characters who happen to meet while taking care of their comatose lovers and how the future holds them so strong – I could still feel the love of Benigno for Alicia – even when I had finished the story – and did not mind feeling sad for him after his death – was it not a true love? – Pedro had created Benigno’s character as a slightly nincompoop but he was fully devoted to Alicia – while she was active and also while she was in hospital for 4 years, and took care of her like no one could have – his momentary infatuation with her body (as a result of the theater he visited that night) may have led him to jail and thus death but also brought his ballerina to life – thus living the “Trenches” play – that whenever a soldier die…

Another Big Day!

I have not many big days in life (professionally)...well...not big enough to be put in milestones of my life ...I can still count them....
1. Meeting big chiefs of Kansai Nerolac for closing the positioning and strategic changes in brand.
2. 30th year celebration for HCL - when I saw and interacted with people who actually matter in Indian economy
3. Meeting Shiv Nadar for the first time - and getting mesmerized by his vision
4. Inauguration of HCL Technology Hub - when I will see the giants of country like - Abdul Kalam , P Chidambaram and many CEOs and CXOs.

And here I am sitting alone, on the eve of inauguration of the HCL Technology Hub, feeling thrilled - whispering to myself - still a long way to go - and I here an echo inside which says nothing - just smiles...

Book I am reading: The Tipping Point

Ishmael -by Daniel Quinn

The book lived upto its expectations!
The three days when I was actually reading the book - I visited lot of wikis and wanted to find out so many answers.
The book did what I had been wanting to do for quite some time - provoke some thoughts.
The book is a treat for someone who wants to understand what we, as human beings, are doing wrong today and have done for so much time.
Ishmael leaves that indelible impression in mind - who are we? from where did the life begin? Is homo homo sapients actually so lucky to be the only intelligent species in universe?
A very intelligent book and a must read for all - humans and gorilla :-)....

Book I am reading: Tantra - Cult of Feminine

Feeling dreamy tonight...

One of those days when you feel something missing...
One of those days when you fail to put together everything at one point and focus on the immediate needs and wish to sit back and dream...
One of those days when you dont think everything is fine, when every thing in front of you actually is...
One of those days when you fail to keep smiling...
One of those days when you cant find a single reason to be happy and smiling...
One of those days when you want to do something and force yourself to do something else...
One of those days when you want to go the clouds...wherever they take you..
One of those days when you want to relax all the logic...
One of those days when you want to forget every sad thing and just....DREAM!...becuase ultimately that drives you...right?

Weekend masti - 21-23 Sept

Sunday night

Chilled out and lazied around with such a great weekend - and dinner was at CP so ending was also awesome...I don't want to go office!!!!!

Saturday night

Undoubtedly one of the best nights of my life - the day started with me searching for a song - which I just got to see a glimpse in Lolita Tribute video on Youtube...and ultimately I got the song....its definitely one of the best songs and in my top 10 most fav lists...I am posting here the video of Lolita (which also is one of the most fav videos of mine)...

and then happened the best experience of the day...Aakriti wanted to see the cricket match and she had a great plan (and I confess I was not party to her plan stupid of me!) ...we ( Megha, Rajit, Aakriti and me) decided to watch the T20 match between Australia and India in Shangri la since all the other places and lunges were booked. And we had a time of our lives.

For every six by Yuvi and every Australian wicket, we had never shouted like this!

The …

Being escapist

The thought prevails...the idea never dies....the attitude transforms....the perceptions palpitate to change..but what makes them do it? it passion for doing something? When was the last time you had felt so obsessed with doing something...really possessed to get or do something?...when was the last time you felt like changing the whole world around yourself and start from zilch...from the very zilch ...

All of us...sometime or the other...feel like stopping and re-starting the phenomenon called life ...for the want of that feeling for someone....for getting rid of some memories...sometimes you win...sometimes you lose...escapism starts when you lose...when you lose to keep your head on something or someone ....when you want to do something from heart but forced to something from mind...when you want to relive a portion of past and try changing it...or when you want to let go of your present (at least for a time being) and feel reinvigorated...I call that as escapism...It is not …

To Kill A Mockingbird

I liked the way the book depicted a serious tale in such a simple manner - may be that is what makes it most read books after The Bible.
While I was reading this book I also read about some interesting things about the book...Harper Lee had depicted a nearly true story in this book - her father himself was a lawyer and had undergone similar situations like Atticus Finch ...Scout was Harper lee herself...Dill- The legendary Truman Capote...who was Harper's childhood neighbor...

I also saw Capote (2005) movie and was further drawn into the world of Truman Capote and Harper Lee...

Who actually wrote the book? Harper Lee or Capote? Why has Harper Lee not published any other book post this? Why does she not talk or give even a single interview on this book?

Lolita: Vladimir Nabokov

Finished this book on 17th September, 2007 right in the morning 3:00 AM...which brings me to office on a Monday morning drowsy and full of sleep...but I am thrilled...I can feel the obsession, the frustration of Humbert Humbert of losing his true love again...well most of the people have interpreted this art of literature as an erotic sell their movies, plays, editions...etc but no it is not an erotic piece of literature in the foreword, there is not even a single sentence which pores out of any word or dialogue which can make it a pornographic read.

In one line, it is a story of a boy called Humbert who loses his love Annabel at the age of around 12-13 and such powerful was his obsession for that girl that the boy remained in love with her, even after she was dead. He started seeing her in other similarly aged young girls (which can be termed as inappropriate, immoral etc) and when he sees a girl in his new rented place, girl to whom he gets easily access to ...becom…


When you wake up over a weekend to find blunder with a bank account - when you find yourself thinking - some shallow chaotic random thoughts - working on laptop on some bizzare topics with no particular objective, when you can not watch any movie, when you can sense something was not right - bad mood to strike a composed look, when you are searching for something on internet and not getting it, you get the sense it is not your lucky weekend - and then something changes all of a sudden - seeing that radiant face on the rear mirror of bike with that all-is-fine smile and that you-are-special look with that beautiful voice singing a nice song - you just realise what you missed in the last two days.

PS: You sing great! ;))

Song playing rightnow : Underneath your clothes - Shakira (Laundry Service)

Weekend 09-10 Sept 2007

Aakriti - admiring the beautiful sunset!
Piturseque sunset at Shogi
Weekend was more of a networking one for me - called up lot of friends, sent mails and chatted with lot of friends and stayed within the boundaries of my room. Aakriti went to Shogi (near Shimla) and had loads of fun - as can be seen from the pictures above.

Book: Tuesdays with Morrie

Read it again because a close friend of mine recommended it.
Will write about it in detail

Movie: After the Sunset

I wonder why Pierce worked in this movie.....I did not even finish the movie...

Movie: Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko...A psychopathic emotional sci-fi movie...if you watched Vanila sky and this would rate this higher in terms of appealing to you...

Also read following once you are done watching the movie, it will help clear some fundamentals of time space and predestination paradoxExtensive analysis of the film byLawrence Person

India at 60: Look at some websites

Everybody is screaming and yelling about India's 61st Independence day celebrations, I thought of adding to it in my own way. I thought I would look at top India portals whoi have cared to brand their website on this occasion.

I was quite shocked to see a vertical manhattan at Sify - trying to get business but nothing in terms of branding and they are supposed to be one of top 10 networks.
Nice big logo at Orkut's India interface

Monster - one of the top 3 search portals and nothing on branding front.

Lot of hype on their news channel - CNBC TV 18 but nothing on
Was not expected either and also found nothing on India's biggest rail ticket transaction site IRCTC
Titsy witsy bit of branding on Rediff
Classy one on Indiatimes but again very minor
Awsome logo of Google
Nice one by Yahoo also

AOL - nice one

Past few days....

Blogging was not a top priority for last few weekends but I thought before I forget most of the happenings, I should write whatever I can ....

1. Dinner at MAJ's place on 28 July

Today after about 16 days, I can still remember the corn curry, paneer ki sabzi, chawal, rotiyan ,etc. It was delicious and yes everything in MAJ's place was exactly like I had imagined to have been - meticulous and detailed - and then Parth treated us with the best sweets possible - his songs and his guitar.

It was a great experience - when do we do it again MAJ???

2. Weekend of 4-5 August

Megha, Rajit, Abhishek, Aakriti and myself went to the lake (which was actually a pond and not lake and even pond is treating that place with respect ;))...and had a picnic...and from there we went to IHC to catch any play and luckily got a play happening - it was mediocre but company was great so enjoyed.
Pics: Fish pond at IHC and scene from the play
Aakriti and Megha were too thrilled of watching such colorful fishes s…

The long sleep...

Azure sky beckons him...
Wind gushes through his hair...
Watching down - the land of hope and the land of despair
Seeing up - he sees the welcome arms
Ready to embrace him
And finally he hopes for the long sleep.....the sleep with a tear in eyes and smile on lips...
The last two minutes - he sees all and hopes to catch one last glimpse of that special one
Will he?

Life - the great days

I was just wondering over my schedule these days and it brought smile over my face

1. Wake up and dance (finally - after so many years...)
2. Office - Great work, great team members, great friends
3. Personal life - Awesome! ;)
4. Food - Thanks to some special people - I still can not forget that paneer...Encore please!!!
5. Reading - I am getting to read what I had wanted = Gizmodo, SEM, Goole, aaah...heavenly
6. Music - Listening to Pink Floyd in night while sleeping at full volume....

Great....anything missing? Yeas....the sleep part....when?

Thank God its Thursday!!!

And here we met again...Ananda packing his bags for Mumbai for his dream job...we all decided to meet one last time and have a blast...

Sameer being teased by Surabhi for a smoke...I wonder how he controlled with all of us smoking like chimneys around him...real dude!!!
Surabhi, looking gracious with all the new refreshing and cheerful look...
MAJ and Geetanjali enlightening us with their beliefs on discrete topics....

We finished drinking and followed it with ice creams at Mc Donalds....and now the confessions ...when all of the guys left...Ananda and me went llooking for more drink..but all was shut and cclosed :)) we left for home....

Notable absentees:
1. Garima: Last found, somewhere in the large IT company called HCL fixing bugs in the system for a big MNC client....

2. Robin Sarkar: You missed it again Dude...but regaing your health and we shall go again :))