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The Taj Mahal visit

Well, I have thought of visiting all the historical monuments in and around Delhi, considering my nomadic nature, I do not know till what time I am going to be in Delhi.

So we started with a big bang and on 16th December, visited The Taj Mahal at Agra.

Morning azure, I love clouds in the morning and the little numbness due to touches the soul in a refreshing reverberation...
The Buland Darwaza....


lol...I saw this in Sector 11 office near HCL Infosystems ...can not they take care of these small things????

Car Color

I liked the color of Honda City I saw in streets of DefCol area in New Delhi....

Mumbai Visit

For more photos click here

Thanks to the official work, I got to visit Mumbai in first week of December....Though I hardly got time, I managed to get a re-look ...managed to meet some of the freinds and visit my favourite place and eating place...

To start with ...Gateway is here...I sometimes wonder had Gateway in Mumbai and India gate in delhi not been there where would I go to cheer myself up???

Phoneix towers in Lower line of an urban Mumbaikar....

This was the way I used to commute for 2.5 hours everyday

This is the way I used to exercise in the train...which I fondly used to call as my GYM....I have learnt the art of standing on just one toe like in ballet dancing..thanks to local train :))

One of the most memorable night I had in Mumbai was the night when I went to Insomnia in Taj....awesome place

Double decker bus: Its sad that these will become extinct in Mumbai....air at the top is so massive it can blow you away

My home in Mumbai....Savouring Mrinal Da's cooked fo…