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Working on a Sunday!

Complete random thoughts...from a Gemini can figure out how many complex and unconnected thoughts co-exist in my mind at a time:

I am a workaholic...I have no qualms of being called so by people of my inner circle...But I guess I love this....I love the fact that I am working...working for my passion....working for my goal in life....It sorts of gives me kicks to get in the morning and get to work.....thanks to youtube)...sitting alone in the office I literally am one near by for any sorts of disturbance in letting me dream.....Dreams that have shaped my existence....dreams that have brought me so far in life...dreams that are solely mine and I am only responsible to fulfill them and no body on Earth is going to help in achieving them!!!!!!!!!
I like this nomadic life of mine...4 years before I was in Varanasi....3 years ago I was in Ahmedabad...1 year back I was in Mumbai and today sitting in Noida....wondering where would I be next year :)...

Current mood: Self Analysis
Current song: MAROONED by Pink Floyd
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