Sunday, November 12, 2006

The spirit of life

I like odds they help me get even
Success has no address
No landmark
No calling card
But the path is steep
And some will take the elevator
But I will take the stairs.
Some will get there faster
I will get there stronger
And adversity will be my
Traveling companion.
Because when I get there
I can turn to adversity and say so long.
And heave the bag of taunts
And insults I gathered
Along the way, and scatter them
To the birds.
I will miss them
But will feel lighter
That will be the day
When I stand at
A large bay window.
And unclench my fist.
For there will be no more
Odds to conquer,
Not even in the mind

Writer: Unknown, in fact I tried googling but am not getting confirmed person responsible for this. But awesome job Boss, whoever did this!

I have only tried to give a visual interpretation to the poem.
Thanks Kalra for sharing it with me!
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