Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rigidity of mind and thoughts

Wondering how much a person should be rigid in his thoughts, attitude and mental reflections.

If you are too flexible people blame you to be imbecile
If you are too rigid, they call you dogmatic
If you are both, they call you swaying.

Why does life and its implications have to be so many permutations and combinations? why cant all the questions be answered in yes or no? why that element of gray has to come in every wishful thinking? Why do you always have to compromise in two goods? Why do you always have to choose between scylla and charybdis at every major step in life? Why do you always have to sift between the people whom you like and people whom you want in your life?

Why is a human always full of these questions? Einstein said, you will get solutions to problems only when you raise yourself one step above the complicity of questions. But that was Einstein, what about the normal people? How can they do this? Raising yourself above the question entails lot of dedication for the cause which is even tougher.


If you confront the questions, people say WHAT WILL BE WILL BE, dont worry!
If you run away from questions, you are escapist!

The uncanny part of the questions is that these are like vicious cycle...questions leading you to think ...thoughts leading to confusions (when the action lies not on you but on other people)...

What more....

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