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Weekend: Casino Royale

Casino Royale...the 21st Bond Movie...could not help laughing looking at the not-so-perfect James bond...doing so many mistakes...which is not the normal flair of the icon brand called James Bond.
I liked the action though...
Bottom line I wish Daniel Craig three movie contract ends with EON with this...dont want to see him damaging the brand like this. Guess I like Pierce Brosnan so much...

VW towing a 747?

The diesel Touareg's V8 engine managed to pull that 155-ton Boeing 747-200 for about 450 feet at 5mph, bringing it to a stop with its stock brakes.

Source: Gizmodo
Visit here for details

Rigidity of mind and thoughts

Wondering how much a person should be rigid in his thoughts, attitude and mental reflections.

If you are too flexible people blame you to be imbecile
If you are too rigid, they call you dogmatic
If you are both, they call you swaying.

Why does life and its implications have to be so many permutations and combinations? why cant all the questions be answered in yes or no? why that element of gray has to come in every wishful thinking? Why do you always have to compromise in two goods? Why do you always have to choose between scylla and charybdis at every major step in life? Why do you always have to sift between the people whom you like and people whom you want in your life?

Why is a human always full of these questions? Einstein said, you will get solutions to problems only when you raise yourself one step above the complicity of questions. But that was Einstein, what about the normal people? How can they do this? Raising yourself above the question entails lot of dedication for the c…

Dada-Bhabhi marriage 3rd anniversary

Three years. ..a great awesome kid...and Anshul Sushil the ever ready blogger to capture those unique moments :))

Had awesome Mexican food (and drink) in Ruby Tuesday...and as Bhabhi said..she could have also had ANYTHING if Aakshun had behaved himeself coz he was busy eyeing girls on next table and crying to go to them...hehehehehe

Movie: The Departed

Wanted to go to Shipra mall but thanks to some people had to manage it in Centre stage mall.
Movie is good but kept reminding me of Tarantino's style. defintley worth a watch.

The spirit of life

I like odds they help me get even
Success has no address
No landmark
No calling card
But the path is steep
And some will take the elevator
But I will take the stairs.
Some will get there faster
I will get there stronger
And adversity will be my
Traveling companion.
Because when I get there
I can turn to adversity and say so long.
And heave the bag of taunts
And insults I gathered
Along the way, and scatter them
To the birds.
I will miss them
But will feel lighter
That will be the day
When I stand at
A large bay window.
And unclench my fist.
For there will be no more
Odds to conquer,
Not even in the mind

Writer: Unknown, in fact I tried googling but am not getting confirmed person responsible for this. But awesome job Boss, whoever did this!

I have only tried to give a visual interpretation to the poem.
Thanks Kalra for sharing it with me!

Working on a Sunday!

Complete random thoughts...from a Gemini can figure out how many complex and unconnected thoughts co-exist in my mind at a time:

I am a workaholic...I have no qualms of being called so by people of my inner circle...But I guess I love this....I love the fact that I am working...working for my passion....working for my goal in life....It sorts of gives me kicks to get in the morning and get to work.....thanks to youtube)...sitting alone in the office I literally am one near by for any sorts of disturbance in letting me dream.....Dreams that have shaped my existence....dreams that have brought me so far in life...dreams that are solely mine and I am only responsible to fulfill them and no body on Earth is going to help in achieving them!!!!!!!!!
I like this nomadic life of mine...4 years before I was in Varanasi....3 years ago I was in Ahmedabad...1 year back I was in Mumbai and today …