Sunday, October 22, 2006

Diwali @ Delhi

Deepawali has always been one of the most cherishable time of the year, I have very fond memories of childhood. That eagerness of waiting for the D-day, cajoling mummy to get 5 Rs. to get the loudest bomb and then burst it right when everybody would be asleep in the neighnorhood...That was Fun!!!.....The grand holidays from school. Studying hard on the day of diwali because we were told, whatever you study on Diwali night, you will never forget in life, and I used to study atleast one page of every subject.
Also one becuase the next day of Deepawali, we call it Padivaa, when as per the tradition, we were never allowed to study and to hold pens. It was only the day after when after Puja of stationery items, we used to resume studies. Ah Men! the great days!
This Diwali, I was with Bhayya, bhabhi and Aakshun in Delhi.
Some pictures of this time Diwali follows:

HCL Technologies: My workplace brimming with light and decoration.

We all went to a Mela nearby to buy decorative items and crackers

Puja for the gods.

Enjoying the crackers...

Playing cards, I won -46 Rupees (Negative indicates loss!!!)
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