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My first night out in Delhi

DJ Anoushka bringing some relief on the dance floor....


The majestic India gate in morning 4:00 am....

I have started liking delhi now ;)

Diwali @ Delhi

Deepawali has always been one of the most cherishable time of the year, I have very fond memories of childhood. That eagerness of waiting for the D-day, cajoling mummy to get 5 Rs. to get the loudest bomb and then burst it right when everybody would be asleep in the neighnorhood...That was Fun!!!.....The grand holidays from school. Studying hard on the day of diwali because we were told, whatever you study on Diwali night, you will never forget in life, and I used to study atleast one page of every subject.
Also one becuase the next day of Deepawali, we call it Padivaa, when as per the tradition, we were never allowed to study and to hold pens. It was only the day after when after Puja of stationery items, we used to resume studies. Ah Men! the great days!
This Diwali, I was with Bhayya, bhabhi and Aakshun in Delhi.
Some pictures of this time Diwali follows:

HCL Technologies: My workplace brimming with light and decoration.

We all went to a Mela nearby to buy decorative items and crackers


Google testing CPA technique

Google is testing Cost per Action model for charging on online advertising rather than the current cost per click (CPC) method.
Having experienced the intricacies in deciding upon media while closing internet plan for corporate, I can say this is definitely a welcome step.

Source: Search Engine blog

Google To Own 25% Of 2006 Online Ad Revenue

An report estimates that Google will account for twenty-five percent of all online ad revenue. Google's share continues to increase (65% increase YoY) while Yahoo's growth continues to decrease, eMarketer says. Google first surpassed Yahoo in ad revenue back in 2005, but barely. Google in 2006 is expected to earn over $4 billion in ad revenue but Yahoo has just $2.9 billion according to

Now consider this Today US online advertising is worth 13 Billion $ and is expected to go to 26 Billion $ by 2013, imagine the power of Google!.

Source: Search Engine blog and Red Herring

Google goes Solar...

Google starts world largest Corporate Solar power installation on World.
This will save Google around 30% electricity consumption and when translated into money that would be millions of Dollars.
The capacity once ready would be equivalent of running around 1000 homes in California which surpasses fedEx solar power instllation by about 500 homes.
Click here to read more.
Source: Google Offical blog and Red Herring. does not belong to Microsoft, if you go there, you will be greeted with FIREFOX logo!!!!!!!
that is what I call Proactive Marketing!!!!

Nescafe outlets

Nescafe rings coffee in anybody's mind. So it was not a surprise they started coffee outlets but what I liked was that they are using the outlets to promote other products like Maggi,etc
Its a nice concept targeted to people who want to have coffee and snacks while on move. Added benefit is the locations that they are chosing and format they have rolled out. These are more like kiosks but with nice ambience and pictures.
Overall its a good though late entry of Nescafe in retail.

A peep in Megha's fridge

It has more Soda and Miranda than water....Not that I complain of it but just wanted everyto know ;))
Will remove it only on 1 condition: A treat at Pind Baluchi or let us make use of Soda sometime sooner ;))

Movie: DOR

Saw it in Shakuntalam (Pragati Maidan).
I adored it.
What I loved was the way Nagesh has come out with the cultural contexts in the movie. This is what Indian literature and cinema needs today. We do not need to forecfit cultures in abused ways but use it to create positive impacts for people. Nagesh has shown a subdued woman in Rajasthan confronting the age old problem of widowhood but the way he has shown it works magic for the movie.
This is besides the fact that I love the deserts of Rajasthan so I cherished each and every scene of the movie ;))...

Movie: You, me and Dupree

Saw it @ PVR Saket (Its faaaaar man!!, distances never seem to bothered in Mumbai but here its really painful!!!)
Decent one...Kate huson is as beautiful as ever...Wilson is good though I liked him in WEDDING CRASHERS better...
Dillon looked cool....
I dint like the maudlin stuff actually...but guess thats the selling spice in States....

Bug in Orkut?

At home I work on Linux and use Mozila as web browser.
Today noticed a funny thing while Orkutting!
I have a roller mouse and clicked on on the roller at an empty space in my home page in Orkut.
To my surprise, I was taken away to the official USA website for Social Security Administration!

Scientists teleport two different objects

Professor Eugene Polzik and his team managed to move an object about 18 inches, using an excruciatingly complicated process that amounts to some serious magic.
Although the scientists admit that no humans are going to be teleported a la Star Trek any time soon, this technology might make it possible to transmit and process data at unheard-of speeds. Can't wait to see that.
Source: Gizmodo & CNN
Click here to read more in detail

Google to buy YOU Tube?

I only pray Google to not Follow MICROSOFT"S suit...of not thinking new products but buying new products ;( (A sad googler)

WSJ reports that Google's in talks to buy up YouTube, most likely to supplement or replace their flailing Google Video. As of now, Google Video lets companies like MTV, the NBA, and Nickelodeon sell videos on their store, whereas YouTube is mostly people uploading last night's South Park episode. Source: Yahoo & Gizmodo

Book: The Kite Runner

Finished it in two days when had gone to Allahabad for Aakshun's mundan.
Tose two days though I was with everyone in home but could not resist keeping the book down to mingle with everyone. I had never been occupied by any fictiona writer since SHANTARAM.

I loved the way Hosseini has created the charactar of Amir. Behind the facade of every strong appearing man is a charactar which he wants to hide from everyone...with everyone and yet alone...I do not how much of this is actually true in Afghanistan but even if 1% of this is true...we all need to do something about it.


Day 2:

Mohanbir Sawhney discussing about GLOBALIZING INDIAN BRANDS and the entire crowd was enchanted!

IT Team getting ready for Video conferencing: Live from Arcelor Mittal office

Day 1:

Pankaj after a tough day

Rishi and Sundar after the grill of the day

Thats me! posing on the stage

The Razzmataaz of the dance and furore after the hectic first day @ Taj Durbar

For other pics please click here

Orkut's Money Minting Model

Google has spread its advertising engine on Orkut also now....small texts appear on Orkut also now....