Monday, September 04, 2006

Temples in India

Temples in India are like mushrooms and can grow anywhere at any time. In Varanasi ( where I have stayed for 4 years for engineering) temple could be found at every 10 meters. Considering that temples are places where people go to wash away their sins, sheer number of temples denote how sinful we Indians have become!!!!Though I myself love to go to temples (especially In BHU when any exams appeared and there were chances of staing in the same year, all of us used to go to temples each and every day till the results were out and God never disproved me ;)...but presence of temples in awkward places like that in the picture which is not at all visible in night and I nearly stepped on it is what piques me.

PS: Picture from my A780 and formatting done on Linux so please do not mind the quality
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