Saturday, September 23, 2006

India's top 10 websites

I found some people in my office to acess certain websites (Orkut!!!) through some indirect channels (since its ban in HCL)..this led to curisoity in my mind...wht are the websites Indians are clogged on to....where do they go to find information? social networking? etc etc....

Here are my findings:
I had to rely on alexa since there is no creditable study being done by any Indian source (Is IAMAI listening?..

Based on Alexa traffic details, here is the top 10 list of India's Most Popular websites:

1. Yahoo: This includes yahoo network (including mail/answers,etc etc)
2. Google: Indian Version is most used saerch engine in India
3. (If I need to tell you what is this then you are a dud!) But frankly I am still surprised that Orkut is at No. 3, I was expecting some bank like ICICI or news website but I am happy for Google :))

4. Wow..for genereal junta: was at No.2 and is here
6. MSN Network
7. Rapidhshare: File sharing website
9. Again a file sharing website !
10. MSN revamped Search engine

Indiatimes missed by narrow margin to be here its on 11 rank
Wikipedia at 15
You tube at 24
Shadi at 29

See the complete list here

India still lacks some local website which could come in top 10....something like Baidu of China or Xanga in Hong Kong....
Let us see when we have Indain portal which can dare to be in the top 10.
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