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UPS India stores: A great experience

A great brand is which goes beyond the core product in value added services to give beyond the expectations of consumers.
A live example of this is UPS Store in Inida. (Source: The Brand Reporter)

Courier services had been a commoditized business where when you walk in you will meet uneducated people ruffling away parcls etc but UPS targeting SOHO and SMEs has devised a new strategy. Customers can track their parcels through SMS, delivery box service being given to customers; next day delivery to Europe and USA; at the store customers can get specialised and customised packaging services for variety of services and the entire staff is trained for pacakaging. Besides, store stocks stationery items and packaging materials like bubble wrap and thermocol which are hard to find elsewhere. Plus you can email your document to the store and they will take print out and courier it across!! Whew! along with that they give printing, lamination and binding services at the store.
Awsome way of buidli…

Book: Interpreter of maladies

I loved the way Jhumpa Lahiri has depicted characters in short stories in the book. Be that BOORI MAA in A REAL DURWAN or Mrs Das in title story. Jhumpa succeeds fully in delivering what is the best part of fictional story, which is helping the reader extrapolate himself to the actual story in an engrossing and enchanting way. She does this beautifully by describing the scenery, with vivid details of personalities.
Over all a nice worth reading book

30th Year Event

Sundar, Pankaj and Manisha all ears to another witty tale from SL

Ferrari model

Frenchman Pierre Scerri spent the last 15 years building an exact working replica of a Ferrari 312PB prototype, where everything is built precisely the way it is in the real car, except it's all one-third the size.

We're talking exact, too, with the same 12-cylinder engine, gearbox, radiator, suspension, controls—in fact, if you were a one-third-sized person and sat in this Ferrari, you'd insert a perfectly-engraved key (that's identical to the real one) into the ignition and start the car exactly the way you would in the full-sized car. It even has a one-third scale fuel injection system that's exactly the same as the one of the full-sized Ferrari.

It took the guy 20,000 hours to build this perfect replica. Amazing.

Source: Gizmodo

Free File Sharing upto 5GB

AOL is now offering 5 gigabytes of free online storage through its Xdrive subsidiary. All you need is an AOL screen name—no other strings attached. It's an excellent service, very easy to use, and I highly recommend it for backups, extra storage, or just an extra locker for music, photos or other digital media.

Source: Search Engine Blog

India's top 10 websites

I found some people in my office to acess certain websites (Orkut!!!) through some indirect channels (since its ban in HCL)..this led to curisoity in my mind...wht are the websites Indians are clogged on to....where do they go to find information? social networking? etc etc....

Here are my findings:
I had to rely on alexa since there is no creditable study being done by any Indian source (Is IAMAI listening?..

Based on Alexa traffic details, here is the top 10 list of India's Most Popular websites:

1. Yahoo: This includes yahoo network (including mail/answers,etc etc)
2. Google: Indian Version is most used saerch engine in India
3. (If I need to tell you what is this then you are a dud!) But frankly I am still surprised that Orkut is at No. 3, I was expecting some bank like ICICI or news website but I am happy for Google :))

4. Wow..for genereal junta: was at No.2 and is here
6. MSN Network
7. Rapidhshare: File sharing website
8. N…

Book: The Google Story

Finished the boook some time back but did not get time to write about it. Glorifying Google amidst the Microsoft Mania prevailing today seems to be the motto of the book. I am a great Google Fan and I relished going through details in the books especially how it all started and also a little peek into Google's future. But not satisfied with the depth that I was expecting in it. Overall its book for new enthusiasts of Google and people who have just joined the bandwagan of Google Worshipping.

Temples in India

Temples in India are like mushrooms and can grow anywhere at any time. In Varanasi ( where I have stayed for 4 years for engineering) temple could be found at every 10 meters. Considering that temples are places where people go to wash away their sins, sheer number of temples denote how sinful we Indians have become!!!!Though I myself love to go to temples (especially In BHU when any exams appeared and there were chances of staing in the same year, all of us used to go to temples each and every day till the results were out and God never disproved me ;)...but presence of temples in awkward places like that in the picture which is not at all visible in night and I nearly stepped on it is what piques me.

PS: Picture from my A780 and formatting done on Linux so please do not mind the quality

Aakriti doing what she does best...

Shopping for shoes...sandals...or any footwear on this planet...

Shopping Day

well Well after my continual tries to resis myself to go on shopping, but could not resis the innumerable SALE and DISCOUNT signages right there beeming on your face.