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Google Book Search

So finally the Big Hairy Audacious goal of Larry and Sergey sees the light of day....

We all have one life!!!

Experience of the most challenging and grueling task in professional career (working for HCL’s 30 year celebrations) culminated into such a tired body, so vulnerable to viruses and all the germs of this earth that no sooner had my soul become free from the work it showed a no-cause notice and went down with viral fever. .

But I have this strange habit of thinking, thinking even when no part of my body is willing to work. My mind never stopped thinking about branding, Google, internet’s future, etc. (Btw I finished the work of David Vise, The Google story, more about that somewhere else in more apt discussions) When I got weary of thinking, got on to Internet and after some random videos on Google, Youtube , I started to look at people profiles in a community portal.
It stuck me then.
Have we ever wondered what unique, beautiful, pristine story each one of those person have to tell?
The Ambitions, the urge to prove self, the art of simply enjoying life (read timepass..ahem…!) when guy…