Saturday, July 01, 2006

Google Checkout!

Ok, So here are we, with Google Checkout. Google's service to help internet users, search, look, find and then now BUYING things.
But I have some apprehensions with it now.
1. I was expecting a makeover shift to What happens to it now? Though I agree it was the service from Google which has not picked up but Google should have attempted to link services of Checkout with it. I am wondering what would happen with it now?
2. It asks for details like your card number ., cvv number for registration. Internet users have been in dilemma for such details over internet, with registration requiring such details on start up might be asking for too much from majority of people. (it is currebtly only in USA but whn it does come to India, it will have to think about it as Indians are still not used to it.)
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