Thursday, July 06, 2006

Spell with Flickr

Interesting website !!!
I got this done from there ;)
Click on the photograph to play on it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

BMW Head Quarters: Google Earth

Source: Kartikeya Varma ...alias Ghodu ;))

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Internet crusade to save old logo

People are enraged with the new proposed logo of Ontario.
For detail news click here

Smell: The Third Sense to come on Internet ....Soon!

Sometime in May 2000, there was news from Israel's Weizmann Institute( a research centre with a reputation for scientific and technological breakthroughs.)Under their system a person could send an 'encoded' message from one computer to another, then translated to a sensor which would release chemicals imitating the smell."

Then there was news of NTT in japan to have displayed a costly demonstration with smells of atural oils, such as eucalyptus, sandalwood and basil.(It cost around 10000USD)

Plus there were many news from all parts of world of work going on in this project.
And now news from from Tokyo Institute of Technology.
We've been hearing threats of smell-o-vision for decades now, but it looks like engineers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology are getting serious about an odor recorder that can analyze scents and reproduce them by combining the 96 chemicals packed inside the device. Not only will it be able to approximate the smells of the finer things of life such as freshly-baked bread or apple pie, but it could also help doctors to diagnose remote patients by whipping up a hell of a stench with smells of urine, bile and rotten egg farts.

You point the device at an object, and then it records its odor using 15 chemical-sensing microchips, or electronic noses. It can then transmit that data to another device in a different location, or save it for later playback. So far, the system has been able to accurately record and play back the scent of orange, lemon, apple, banana and melon, and it's said to be able to demonstrate the difference in scent between a red and green apple.

The researchers hope to implement the device for online shopping, where you'll be able to smell before you buy, and also in various virtual-reality environments. As they are with all technological innovations, we're thinking the porn industry will lead the way with stank-ho-vision. –

Also read this article from howstuffworks on Internet odor

Google Checkout!

Ok, So here are we, with Google Checkout. Google's service to help internet users, search, look, find and then now BUYING things.
But I have some apprehensions with it now.
1. I was expecting a makeover shift to What happens to it now? Though I agree it was the service from Google which has not picked up but Google should have attempted to link services of Checkout with it. I am wondering what would happen with it now?
2. It asks for details like your card number ., cvv number for registration. Internet users have been in dilemma for such details over internet, with registration requiring such details on start up might be asking for too much from majority of people. (it is currebtly only in USA but whn it does come to India, it will have to think about it as Indians are still not used to it.)

Mystery over EOn8 revealed!!!

An interesting project to determine how internet people react to less information.
For last 6 months, ystery was getting build, linking the site to that of terrorism, evil ,etc.
Kudos to the "Mike" mastermind behind the game.
Have a look at his wbsite and learn about his experiment more.