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Thou too Google??

404 error happening on the homepage...Google whats wrong with you??

News about me

Hey All,
I have shifted to HCL in Corporate Branding.
My New number is 9910060408.
Rght now staying with dada, bhabhi and Aakshun and enjoying the good food of home.
Though I still cook some time whenever I want to have really good food ....hehehehe....
so please delete all my previous contact numbers and make changes in your address book about me.

See you and Cheers,

iPod is now the Apple of HCL’s eye

Yesterday, HCL and Apple threw an awsome party at The Grand New Delhi for celebrating their coming together.

So this finally marks Ipod official coming to India through HCL's distirbution channel.

for more read here Detail News

kuch arz kiya hai....

Unchhai bemani hai lagti jis qadar shaheen ko..
Dard ka mtlab nahin maloom dil gamgeen ko...
Ek yehi jazba hai jo deta hai humko woh hadein ...
chutkiyon mein bhool jayen haalat-e-sangeen ko

bhule hai rafta-rafta unhe mudatton mein hum,
kishton mein khud-kushi ka majaa hum se puchiye.

(Contributor: Sachin Gupta aka Professor @ Intel
If you're passing through terminal 3 at Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD), take a look the Accenture Interactive Network screen, a 10x7-foot monster that reminds us of Tom Cruise's computer symphony in Minority Report. The touchscreen tech lets you move windows around with your hands, giving you access to the latest weather, news, and video clips.
Accenture plans to expand the idea to other venues beyond airports, too, delivering info, entertainment, and of course, advertising. No word on whether the displays will be shouting out personalized ads at you, pleading with you to try on some khakis at the Gap.

Ipod Audio Patent

Apple releases a patent for the iPod that tags each song, genre, artist, actor, and other relevant info with their audible equivalent. This means when you're navigating the menus, the iPod speaks the name of the item you're on so you never have to look down.

Lote Nerolac Factory Visit

Malcolm took this photo ....

jayal, Shammo (Samya), Kiran and was a beautiful scene from there

We all getting drunk ;))