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Nike Lasarium

Nike's Lasarium, a room at Nike's Oregon campus where they do all their laser work; the three photos above were posted by designer Jeff Ng of Staple Designs over the weekend, of things his friends have had etched there. The Blackberry 8700 both the RAZR and Sony Cybershot T1 with the hot skull Mark Smith pattern

GOod method of making you mobile unique :)))

Source: Gizmodo

Webaroo: Carry Internet with you

Ever wondered if you could search on net when you are in cab going for a presentation....or in aeroplane..or in amazon for that matter..or anywhere where Internet has still not set its foot...
Wacky??...Outrageous???Stupid Idea?...whatever...we have solution here....
Webaroo , through its super optimizing technology will reduce the entire internet (or selected sets like entire wikipedia,etc) and you can download it on your computer and carry it with you thats entirely wirless....:))

Da Vinci Code :Quest on Google

Google and Da Vinci collbaoration to puzzle you ;))
This is marketing tactic to create a run up to the the launch of movie ....but the puzzles are really good...Google has done excelent work here