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Google Brains at Party ;))

A rare picture I found which has Larry with Marissa, Orkut, and Niniane.

PS: I wonder what they are it googlegulp??? ;)) Cheers to Google Team

Google Wi-fi

Google's next step to taking over the world is slowly becoming a reality as they have filed for three patents relating to wireless internet access. Coincidentally these patents deal with branding, advertising and subsidizing. The rumors of free Wi-Fi from Google began circulating late last year and now it seems this may become a reality. Look at some Google ads for free internet? Where do I sign up?
(source: Gizmodo)

Hope they come to Mumbai fast ;))


a good template on technology
(Source: Wikipedia)

Book: Read on the weekend

A book with lot of experience-driven thoughts by Paul Arden.nice well presented thoughts. I like the way he has put forward his thoughts on making impossible possible, being more creative for all those who want to do things differently.
My personal fav quotes fom Book:
1. Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you haveWithout having a goal is difficult to score

2. Do not look for next opportunity, the one you have in hand is the opportunity

3. When it cant be done, do it. If you do not do it, it does not exist.

4. If you cant solve a problem, its becuase you are playing by the rules.

5. The person who does not make mistakes, is unlikely to make anything

Read the book, it will do good to you.

What Happens when you google?

Nice one! (Contributed by Saunak)
Will help you understand what happens after you press ENTER on your keyboard for a query.

Cop turned Corporate

Anything's is possible, a DIG left 18 year job to go to IIM A (for two year propoer PGDBM course) and come out bagging 36 LPA job...(monthly salary of what he used to get in year before IIM A)....
Is it not shame to our Police officers that they have to turn to corporate rather than do an excellent jobs to continue their resepcatble earning aas public servant?..
But hats off to officer M.V.N. Surya Prasad!!!

Holi..oh Holi...

How I wish I could go back to those days....
when i used to watch Holika dahan and get sweets
when I used to yearn for the latest pichkaaris and cajole papa to buy them.....
when I used to buy those colors and get with dada and every friend and visit some remote mohalla with freinds as toli and smear rang on them...
when We used to bring some new Hindi VHS and make gujhia,etc watching them ...

And here I am...working on my computer and will sleep most of the day tomorrow... is wishing a Happy Holi to all of you ....

Sabeer Bhatia is back

Origami Project @ Microsoft

Is Microsoft coming up with its next handheld device?
The project codenamed ORIGAMI Project is sure something like that....due to release oin September 2006 as per the date on the oficial site , only time will tell what is it....but recently some videos got leaked out on the website so the picture on right side might be the device.
The market with Apple launching gadjets after having secured to be in more than 40 millions home by Ipod (recent luanch of Ipod wifi speakers for home being one of them), Amazon coming with its handheld entertainment device, Nokia with N Series and Motorola with Razr.
Market is coming to burst only for delights of Gizmo lovers like Anshul Sushil.