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Google v/s Frontpage

Google has launched its web page creater software....the fight between Microsoft and Google getting better...

I got the invite today (22 March, 2006)to start using the service :))

Google in China.

For those who still can not understand why Google has touched struck a bad harmony with its fans:
go to the google images website and search for "tiananmen" infamous for Tian'anmen Square Protests of 1989 you get this:

but when you search on google china website for images you get this:

Eco Friendly Laptops

Wal-Mart has announced a new partnership with Toshiba to develop and sell the first Restriction on Hazardous Susbstance (RoHS) laptop. RoHS is a directive that forbids the use of a variety of hazardous substances in electronic equipment, including laptops. Green Star, a non-profit organization, is reporting that consumer electronics make up 40 percent of the lead found in landfills.
This environmental-friendly laptop is the 15-inch Toshiba Satellite A55-S1064. It will be featuring a 1.6GHz Celeron-M, 512MB memory, 40GB hard drive and Wi-Fi. The laptop will be priced less than $700 in most markets. Wal-Mart's says that all computers sold at their stores will meet RoHS standards by July

Source: Gizomodo

Google Earth Pics

Ford Headquarters

Google headquarters

GM headquarters

Age old fotograph of ITBHU when we went to Vishwanath Temple (Oldest Temple ) post Kalra's schol from UCB

Order: From Left: Nityanand, Kalra, Me, Sachin, KP and Aby

Foto Courtesy: Kalra :)

Find SVP

ever puzzled by countless ads, ever increasing size of newspaper, channels, websites when a common man is inundated with so much information ...well that served as a business model for a company: Find SVP

An Information clearing house named Find SVP has built a thriving business in 20 Centuries on the promise that less information can be More Information.

Mapping Brand Equity

In the quest of understanding Brand Equity, here is what I had been thinking from long time and Sunil Alagh lecture in a seminar sparked off some more focus and clarity on the way in my understanding.

These are applicable to both B2B and B2C sectors.

A Brand can be said to be a bundle of two things: A Product and Emotional linkages to consumers.

The diagram on left shows three positions that a brand can be perceived in market.1: Too good product but bad in terms of emotional appeal in consumers (example could be Air India promising a great experience and the recent adverts of a pilot sitting with a girl , well as of now everybody knows its not there and communicating what is not there before you ensure consumers expereince it is deadly)2. A company / brand which people can relate very easily and commands a good deal of loyalty in consumers but launches something with bad content and the product generally flops despite a good taking in the beginning (Ex: Pepsi launching Pepsi Blue)3. Bal…

worried over Cds getting scratched?

One of the most frustrating things about CDs and DVDs is that one bad scratch can render them worthless. Now a Denver startup called Scratch-Less Disc is marketing a version that can be clawed at, dropped--even smeared with peanut butter--and still play like new. To protect their playing surfaces, the discs are made with aerodynamic bumpers around the edges and a clear 4-micron layer of a polymer developed by General Electric.
With nearly $1 million in funding, Scratch-Less is bringing its brand of CD-Rs and recordable DVDs to stores. It's also looking to license its technology to other disc makers, so consumers may eventually enjoy glitch-free prerecorded music and movies. Meanwhile, industry giants such as Toshiba are spending millions to develop their own scratch-proof media. With next-generation DVD formats HD-DVD and Blu-ray cramming more data onto discs, it will be more important than ever to protect them from peanut butter.

Source: CNNMoney

Ipod Tshirt

These days putting a lowercase “I” in front of any product is tantamount to printing your own money. Following shirt—er, suit—is something for all the hipsters in the house, the iShirt from PodShirt. It’s a standard black t-shirt with the word “iShirt” printed on the front in block white letters. Cool? Yes, yes it is. Even more cool is that the “I” is actually an iPod shuffle attached to a magnet. (Shuffle not included, obviously.) $29 buys you instant popularity.
Source: Gizmodo
Read it in train from Allahabad to Bangalore:Quite ok but I am not impressed, it only gives a snapshot and information in melodramatic and spicy format rather than details and resourceful manner.If you want to know some of the info about Henry Ford, World War, Walt Disney, Sam Walton, Standard Oil, Mary Kay, Robert Morris, Merrill Lynch, Ford Motor Company, New Jersey, Mickey Mouse, Charles Merrill, David Ogilvy, Ray Kroc, Bill Gates, Gordon Moore, David Sarnoff, Andrew Grove, George Roberts, General Motors, Robert Noyce, North America, Vaughn BealsGo ahead and read it though not recommended by me to serious readers
Hey Freinds,
Finally I have become not the youngest in my family, Dada had a baby boy on 24 January.
These are some of his pics (first pics infact ;)).
Now Finally I will have some one to spoil :))

Kodak: Identity Changed

On January 6, 2006, at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las vegas.
This new look moves the Kodak name out of the traditional yellow box, giving it a more contemporary design, a streamlined rounded look and distinctive letters. This introduction is the latest step in the company's broad brand transformation effort, which reflects the multi-industry, digital imaging leader Kodak has become."
Another source reports that "This 'Brand Transformation' project appears to have originated from the long term relationship with Ogilvy. Clear tangible guidelines never seemed to materialize but there were plenty of interim guidelines that came in the form of vague short paged pdfs; each progressively spoke in more detail about a new visual style." The source notes that "Kodak is a traditionally slow moving organization with large marketing and communication divisions."In an internal January 9 memo, CMO Carl Gustin recognizes the need now to move a… Indian reply to Google??

Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan,Two Indian computer wizards who studied along with Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford, are launching a start-up to compete with the world’s best known search engine.
Google searches pages based on their popularity and not necessarily their content but Kosmix’ creators said they took a different approach and developed a new kind of ’categorisation’ technology. The two, among the co-founders of web database company ‘Junglee’, hope their technology can improve upon Google’s one-size-fits-all approach. Kosmix asks users to define a category for a search. If a search term is related to health, users can make a query in a health-related search box. Hence, it can find webpages closely associated with the search term. It then looks at what webpages linking to other pages say, thus judging the page’s subject better. The company, set up last year, will launch at the demo conference for start-ups in Phoenix next week. Kosmix has already…

Yahoo Buzz!!

yahoo launches yet another sticky website a Buzz game...more about it later