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Google News no more Beta

Google news moves out of Beta Version with new cutting edge technologies.
Now you will get news similar to what you searched on it the last time.

HCL Technology Webpage

HCL technology new webpage.
I think its revelutionary.
One of the most consumer centric and intersting websites.
Beleive that Branding in IT sector is not very far.

Thinkpad: Black or Titanium

Lenovo Launchin Titanium , will the landmark black color of Thinkpad change?
Whats your take?
I beleive it should not becuase black color is owned by Thinkpad.
But considering what Ipod did can be quite good in case of Lenovo.
Ipad was launched as white but then it came in different colors (Nanos, Shuffles,etc)
But the color of Thikpad should never change.
So my take: Black color should not change because thats got so strong association with Thinkpad but Titanium color for another series can be quite good for Lenovo's bottom line.

By the way you can cast your vote on
Wedding Crashers..

saw it yesterday in Central Plaza (Charni Road-Mumbai)..quite funny...
Is Anybody Out There : The New Blueprint for Marketing Communications in the 21st Century by Mark Austin, Jim Aitchison
Finished en route to Bangalore....quit good, in fact will be the top of my recommended list for students and marketers as a source of info on marketing communications and what should be expected of it. It also has story of ho advertising evolved into Media Specialists and preicts future where further divisions could be expected.
Worth reading.