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The Taj Mahal visit

Well, I have thought of visiting all the historical monuments in and around Delhi, considering my nomadic nature, I do not know till what time I am going to be in Delhi.

So we started with a big bang and on 16th December, visited The Taj Mahal at Agra.

Morning azure, I love clouds in the morning and the little numbness due to touches the soul in a refreshing reverberation...
The Buland Darwaza....


lol...I saw this in Sector 11 office near HCL Infosystems ...can not they take care of these small things????

Car Color

I liked the color of Honda City I saw in streets of DefCol area in New Delhi....

Mumbai Visit

For more photos click here

Thanks to the official work, I got to visit Mumbai in first week of December....Though I hardly got time, I managed to get a re-look ...managed to meet some of the freinds and visit my favourite place and eating place...

To start with ...Gateway is here...I sometimes wonder had Gateway in Mumbai and India gate in delhi not been there where would I go to cheer myself up???

Phoneix towers in Lower line of an urban Mumbaikar....

This was the way I used to commute for 2.5 hours everyday

This is the way I used to exercise in the train...which I fondly used to call as my GYM....I have learnt the art of standing on just one toe like in ballet dancing..thanks to local train :))

One of the most memorable night I had in Mumbai was the night when I went to Insomnia in Taj....awesome place

Double decker bus: Its sad that these will become extinct in Mumbai....air at the top is so massive it can blow you away

My home in Mumbai....Savouring Mrinal Da's cooked fo…

Weekend: Casino Royale

Casino Royale...the 21st Bond Movie...could not help laughing looking at the not-so-perfect James bond...doing so many mistakes...which is not the normal flair of the icon brand called James Bond.
I liked the action though...
Bottom line I wish Daniel Craig three movie contract ends with EON with this...dont want to see him damaging the brand like this. Guess I like Pierce Brosnan so much...

VW towing a 747?

The diesel Touareg's V8 engine managed to pull that 155-ton Boeing 747-200 for about 450 feet at 5mph, bringing it to a stop with its stock brakes.

Source: Gizmodo
Visit here for details

Rigidity of mind and thoughts

Wondering how much a person should be rigid in his thoughts, attitude and mental reflections.

If you are too flexible people blame you to be imbecile
If you are too rigid, they call you dogmatic
If you are both, they call you swaying.

Why does life and its implications have to be so many permutations and combinations? why cant all the questions be answered in yes or no? why that element of gray has to come in every wishful thinking? Why do you always have to compromise in two goods? Why do you always have to choose between scylla and charybdis at every major step in life? Why do you always have to sift between the people whom you like and people whom you want in your life?

Why is a human always full of these questions? Einstein said, you will get solutions to problems only when you raise yourself one step above the complicity of questions. But that was Einstein, what about the normal people? How can they do this? Raising yourself above the question entails lot of dedication for the c…

Dada-Bhabhi marriage 3rd anniversary

Three years. ..a great awesome kid...and Anshul Sushil the ever ready blogger to capture those unique moments :))

Had awesome Mexican food (and drink) in Ruby Tuesday...and as Bhabhi said..she could have also had ANYTHING if Aakshun had behaved himeself coz he was busy eyeing girls on next table and crying to go to them...hehehehehe

Movie: The Departed

Wanted to go to Shipra mall but thanks to some people had to manage it in Centre stage mall.
Movie is good but kept reminding me of Tarantino's style. defintley worth a watch.

The spirit of life

I like odds they help me get even
Success has no address
No landmark
No calling card
But the path is steep
And some will take the elevator
But I will take the stairs.
Some will get there faster
I will get there stronger
And adversity will be my
Traveling companion.
Because when I get there
I can turn to adversity and say so long.
And heave the bag of taunts
And insults I gathered
Along the way, and scatter them
To the birds.
I will miss them
But will feel lighter
That will be the day
When I stand at
A large bay window.
And unclench my fist.
For there will be no more
Odds to conquer,
Not even in the mind

Writer: Unknown, in fact I tried googling but am not getting confirmed person responsible for this. But awesome job Boss, whoever did this!

I have only tried to give a visual interpretation to the poem.
Thanks Kalra for sharing it with me!

Working on a Sunday!

Complete random thoughts...from a Gemini can figure out how many complex and unconnected thoughts co-exist in my mind at a time:

I am a workaholic...I have no qualms of being called so by people of my inner circle...But I guess I love this....I love the fact that I am working...working for my passion....working for my goal in life....It sorts of gives me kicks to get in the morning and get to work.....thanks to youtube)...sitting alone in the office I literally am one near by for any sorts of disturbance in letting me dream.....Dreams that have shaped my existence....dreams that have brought me so far in life...dreams that are solely mine and I am only responsible to fulfill them and no body on Earth is going to help in achieving them!!!!!!!!!
I like this nomadic life of mine...4 years before I was in Varanasi....3 years ago I was in Ahmedabad...1 year back I was in Mumbai and today …

My first night out in Delhi

DJ Anoushka bringing some relief on the dance floor....


The majestic India gate in morning 4:00 am....

I have started liking delhi now ;)

Diwali @ Delhi

Deepawali has always been one of the most cherishable time of the year, I have very fond memories of childhood. That eagerness of waiting for the D-day, cajoling mummy to get 5 Rs. to get the loudest bomb and then burst it right when everybody would be asleep in the neighnorhood...That was Fun!!!.....The grand holidays from school. Studying hard on the day of diwali because we were told, whatever you study on Diwali night, you will never forget in life, and I used to study atleast one page of every subject.
Also one becuase the next day of Deepawali, we call it Padivaa, when as per the tradition, we were never allowed to study and to hold pens. It was only the day after when after Puja of stationery items, we used to resume studies. Ah Men! the great days!
This Diwali, I was with Bhayya, bhabhi and Aakshun in Delhi.
Some pictures of this time Diwali follows:

HCL Technologies: My workplace brimming with light and decoration.

We all went to a Mela nearby to buy decorative items and crackers


Google testing CPA technique

Google is testing Cost per Action model for charging on online advertising rather than the current cost per click (CPC) method.
Having experienced the intricacies in deciding upon media while closing internet plan for corporate, I can say this is definitely a welcome step.

Source: Search Engine blog

Google To Own 25% Of 2006 Online Ad Revenue

An report estimates that Google will account for twenty-five percent of all online ad revenue. Google's share continues to increase (65% increase YoY) while Yahoo's growth continues to decrease, eMarketer says. Google first surpassed Yahoo in ad revenue back in 2005, but barely. Google in 2006 is expected to earn over $4 billion in ad revenue but Yahoo has just $2.9 billion according to

Now consider this Today US online advertising is worth 13 Billion $ and is expected to go to 26 Billion $ by 2013, imagine the power of Google!.

Source: Search Engine blog and Red Herring

Google goes Solar...

Google starts world largest Corporate Solar power installation on World.
This will save Google around 30% electricity consumption and when translated into money that would be millions of Dollars.
The capacity once ready would be equivalent of running around 1000 homes in California which surpasses fedEx solar power instllation by about 500 homes.
Click here to read more.
Source: Google Offical blog and Red Herring. does not belong to Microsoft, if you go there, you will be greeted with FIREFOX logo!!!!!!!
that is what I call Proactive Marketing!!!!

Nescafe outlets

Nescafe rings coffee in anybody's mind. So it was not a surprise they started coffee outlets but what I liked was that they are using the outlets to promote other products like Maggi,etc
Its a nice concept targeted to people who want to have coffee and snacks while on move. Added benefit is the locations that they are chosing and format they have rolled out. These are more like kiosks but with nice ambience and pictures.
Overall its a good though late entry of Nescafe in retail.

A peep in Megha's fridge

It has more Soda and Miranda than water....Not that I complain of it but just wanted everyto know ;))
Will remove it only on 1 condition: A treat at Pind Baluchi or let us make use of Soda sometime sooner ;))

Movie: DOR

Saw it in Shakuntalam (Pragati Maidan).
I adored it.
What I loved was the way Nagesh has come out with the cultural contexts in the movie. This is what Indian literature and cinema needs today. We do not need to forecfit cultures in abused ways but use it to create positive impacts for people. Nagesh has shown a subdued woman in Rajasthan confronting the age old problem of widowhood but the way he has shown it works magic for the movie.
This is besides the fact that I love the deserts of Rajasthan so I cherished each and every scene of the movie ;))...

Movie: You, me and Dupree

Saw it @ PVR Saket (Its faaaaar man!!, distances never seem to bothered in Mumbai but here its really painful!!!)
Decent one...Kate huson is as beautiful as ever...Wilson is good though I liked him in WEDDING CRASHERS better...
Dillon looked cool....
I dint like the maudlin stuff actually...but guess thats the selling spice in States....

Bug in Orkut?

At home I work on Linux and use Mozila as web browser.
Today noticed a funny thing while Orkutting!
I have a roller mouse and clicked on on the roller at an empty space in my home page in Orkut.
To my surprise, I was taken away to the official USA website for Social Security Administration!

Scientists teleport two different objects

Professor Eugene Polzik and his team managed to move an object about 18 inches, using an excruciatingly complicated process that amounts to some serious magic.
Although the scientists admit that no humans are going to be teleported a la Star Trek any time soon, this technology might make it possible to transmit and process data at unheard-of speeds. Can't wait to see that.
Source: Gizmodo & CNN
Click here to read more in detail

Google to buy YOU Tube?

I only pray Google to not Follow MICROSOFT"S suit...of not thinking new products but buying new products ;( (A sad googler)

WSJ reports that Google's in talks to buy up YouTube, most likely to supplement or replace their flailing Google Video. As of now, Google Video lets companies like MTV, the NBA, and Nickelodeon sell videos on their store, whereas YouTube is mostly people uploading last night's South Park episode. Source: Yahoo & Gizmodo

Book: The Kite Runner

Finished it in two days when had gone to Allahabad for Aakshun's mundan.
Tose two days though I was with everyone in home but could not resist keeping the book down to mingle with everyone. I had never been occupied by any fictiona writer since SHANTARAM.

I loved the way Hosseini has created the charactar of Amir. Behind the facade of every strong appearing man is a charactar which he wants to hide from everyone...with everyone and yet alone...I do not how much of this is actually true in Afghanistan but even if 1% of this is true...we all need to do something about it.


Day 2:

Mohanbir Sawhney discussing about GLOBALIZING INDIAN BRANDS and the entire crowd was enchanted!

IT Team getting ready for Video conferencing: Live from Arcelor Mittal office

Day 1:

Pankaj after a tough day

Rishi and Sundar after the grill of the day

Thats me! posing on the stage

The Razzmataaz of the dance and furore after the hectic first day @ Taj Durbar

For other pics please click here

Orkut's Money Minting Model

Google has spread its advertising engine on Orkut also now....small texts appear on Orkut also now....

UPS India stores: A great experience

A great brand is which goes beyond the core product in value added services to give beyond the expectations of consumers.
A live example of this is UPS Store in Inida. (Source: The Brand Reporter)

Courier services had been a commoditized business where when you walk in you will meet uneducated people ruffling away parcls etc but UPS targeting SOHO and SMEs has devised a new strategy. Customers can track their parcels through SMS, delivery box service being given to customers; next day delivery to Europe and USA; at the store customers can get specialised and customised packaging services for variety of services and the entire staff is trained for pacakaging. Besides, store stocks stationery items and packaging materials like bubble wrap and thermocol which are hard to find elsewhere. Plus you can email your document to the store and they will take print out and courier it across!! Whew! along with that they give printing, lamination and binding services at the store.
Awsome way of buidli…

Book: Interpreter of maladies

I loved the way Jhumpa Lahiri has depicted characters in short stories in the book. Be that BOORI MAA in A REAL DURWAN or Mrs Das in title story. Jhumpa succeeds fully in delivering what is the best part of fictional story, which is helping the reader extrapolate himself to the actual story in an engrossing and enchanting way. She does this beautifully by describing the scenery, with vivid details of personalities.
Over all a nice worth reading book

30th Year Event

Sundar, Pankaj and Manisha all ears to another witty tale from SL

Ferrari model

Frenchman Pierre Scerri spent the last 15 years building an exact working replica of a Ferrari 312PB prototype, where everything is built precisely the way it is in the real car, except it's all one-third the size.

We're talking exact, too, with the same 12-cylinder engine, gearbox, radiator, suspension, controls—in fact, if you were a one-third-sized person and sat in this Ferrari, you'd insert a perfectly-engraved key (that's identical to the real one) into the ignition and start the car exactly the way you would in the full-sized car. It even has a one-third scale fuel injection system that's exactly the same as the one of the full-sized Ferrari.

It took the guy 20,000 hours to build this perfect replica. Amazing.

Source: Gizmodo