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Book - Shantaram

Perhaps the most interesting book I read....I had not been thrilled so much ....its like Godfather just in case you want me to draw an analogy...Gregory Roberts has created such an aura around Bombay in the book that has left me in an undulating and mysterious air.

He has woven the story around the Mubai that I never knew the place were I live (Haji Ali), place where I order food (President and Hotel Saurabh), PLace where I work (Colaba, near Sasoon Dock and Hotel President) are such mystic places .....its quite thrilling...only yesterday I was asking taxi driver in Byculla if he has heard of Standing Babas mentioned in book.....its quite amazing...Arhtu Road jail's description(which recently was in news coz of Abu Salem)....the sheer intriguing details and descriptions have made me a great fan of Shantaram....
I dont want to let out story of the novel but beleive me if you read this , you will be in a state of amazement for quite sometime.
I can not imagine but if really went thurogh all the things mentioned in book then his courage and mind...both are commendable.

What more....Johnny Depp and Russel Crowe...both had a catch-me-first race for the rights of movie which was won ultimately by Depp....Movie Shantaram will come in 2006..
Where is Roberts today? not in jail...he is overwhelmed by the response of Shantaram and is busy rrighting both Sequeal and prequeal to book.
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